Salem has developed a flexible, student-centered adult education program offering a comprehensive curriculum in a stimulating environment. Whether you are interested in advancing or changing your career, enhancing your knowledge, preparing for graduate school, or enriching your life, you can fulfill your goals through the Fleer Center at Salem College. We offer you a unique way of learning and many ways to get involved.

Special Adult Students
This category is for women and men age 23 and over who are taking courses for academic credit but are not pursuing a degree. It is appropriate for students preparing to enter degree programs, college graduates, and teachers preparing for certification.

Registration as an auditor permits a student to enroll in a course without working for a grade or credit.

Special Courses for the Community
Salem College provides a place to engage in the exchange of ideas, a place to learn the how-to’s of life, a place to join with others in the adventure of learning. A wide variety of courses are offered for adults and kids alike.

Degree Requirements
Degree requirements are the same as those for traditional-age students with the exception of physical education and the Salem Impact. View a list of majors and programs offered at Salem. 

The Salem faculty are known not only as excellent teachers but as mentors and friends. Professors at Salem understand the demands adults must meet in addition to course work, and they support and encourage Fleer Center students through relationships that go beyond the classroom.

Salem’s professors welcome the varied perspectives that adults bring to class discussions as a result of their life experience, and they structure their courses to relate to the mixed-age/multi-cultural classroom.

While teaching is their first priority, Salem faculty are full-time scholars who keep abreast of the latest research and developments in their disciplines. 92 percent hold a PhD or the highest degree in their field.

North Carolina Community Colleges Transfer Equivalency List

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