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Why Salem

The Women's College Advantage

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Why a Women’s College

Perhaps you are wondering if a women’s college is right for you or if investing in a Salem College education makes sense. Here are a few facts and figures to help with both questions.

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Women’s College Students

According to CollegeWise (2021), women’s college applicants typically share a few traits:

  • Initiative: Willing to take action, take on leadership roles
  • Curiosity: Willing to ask questions, raise their hands, and explore new things
  • Expressiveness: Willing to share their perspectives and think critically
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Women’s College Experience

Women’s college students observe women in leadership positions in their own institutions – 90% of women’s college presidents  are women, and more than 60% of faculty are women.

Graduates of women’s colleges:

  • Women’s college graduates are more likely to pursue a graduate degree than their co-ed liberal arts and public university counterparts.
  • Women’s college graduates have accumulated a variety of “firsts,” including being the first woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, the first woman in a presidential cabinet, and the first woman to serve as a general in the U.S. Army.
  • Earn an average of $8,000 more per year than female graduates from co-ed colleges.
  • Are 1.5 times more likely to major in math, science, or pre-med than women in co-ed schools.
  • Represent 30 percent of Business Week’s list of rising stars in corporate America, 33 percent of female board members of Fortune 1000 companies, and 20 percent of women in Congress (despite the fact that women’s colleges graduate fewer than 2 percent of college-educated women).

To learn more about why to choose a women’s college, read this report from CollegeWise (2021)

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