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Salem College celebration during reunion weekend

More than 15,000 Salem alumnae span the United States and the world. Though we can be found all over the globe, we share many common ties — the integrity of adhering to a cherished honor code, an excellent education from caring and talented faculty and memories of being a part of Opening Convocation, Fall Fest and Founders Day. Our shared Salem experience is a bond that unites us. Those who graduate with undergraduate or graduate degrees or are enrolled for at least two semesters are considered Salem College alumnae.

Alumnae will always have a home here, and we hope that you will pay us a visit from time to time, whether it be during Reunion Weekend, at an Alumnae Event or just for a nostalgic walk around our beautiful campus.

Salem College alumnae posing for the camera

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Salem College alumnae posing for the camera

Give Back to Salem College

Salem alumnae make Salem strong and have sustained the institution through its many eras and transformations. There are many ways in which you can contribute to the Salem College community. 

Your investment is critical to Salem College’s success, and we are grateful for your support.

Alumnae Stories

Erica Shepperd
Salem College alumna in New York City

Tiera Thomas, C’22

Class of 2022 Major: Chemistry What I appreciated the most about Salem during my time there were the professors, especially those in the math and science department! Every professor I had was patient, kind, caring, and understanding. I had the pleasure of working in the Chemistry department for four years with Professor Brandon Walker. That...

Layla McCarthy, C’21

Class of 2021 Major: Design with concentration in architectural studies When I started at Salem College, I had no idea where my future was going to take me. I had big aspirations, but I never thought they were attainable. My professors in the design department at Salem changed my mind. They inspired me every day...

Stephany Luna-Rivas, C’19

Class of 2019 Major: Design with concentration in architectural studies I started my graduate studies in the fall of 2020 at NC State University (NCSU) in the master of architecture program. I was awarded the Eduardo Catalano Architecture Scholarship which made it possible for me to further my education. I’m enjoying my time at NCSU...
Erica Shepperd

Erica Shepperd-Debnam, C’15

Erica Shepperd-Debnam C’15 thanks Salem College for helping her grow as a person academically and emotionally from her arrival on campus as a freshman to her current job as an Ambulatory Clinical Pharmacist at the Children’s National Hospital in Washington, D.C. She credits her two advisors (Dr. Porter and Dr. Watts) for helping her on...
Salem College alumna in New York City

Merritt Enright, C’19 2019

Today I completed my 4th internship at NBC News in New York City. I am so grateful to Salem College for supporting my desire to do this and for giving me the skills to make it happen. Salem taught me to be proactive. I’ve learned how to stand up, speak out, and pursue my goals.

Erica Shepperd
Salem College alumna in New York City

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