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Center for Action and Public Service

The Center for Action and Public Service (CAPS) was created to support students in engaging more intentionally in the political environment and public life. The Center provides a diverse set of programs and events each semester to help Salem students understand the different ways the political system impacts them in their daily lives and how they can take action on the issues that are important to them. We regularly hold voter registration events and teach-ins on current public policy issues. The primary goal of CAPS is to provide resources for engagement in the public sphere and an open, inclusive space for community dialogue.

Salem College student holding paintbrush
Two Salem College students in downtown Winston Salem

Student Experience

Students who participate in CAPS programs learn about the relationship between governmental policies and their daily lives. The discussions and resources shared promote deeper curiosity and context for their academic explorations.  

Salem College student working in a chemistry lab

Health Leadership Highlights

As part of the CAPS’ teach-ins and campus outreach, we highlight the importance of civic health in relationship with overall community health outcomes. From voting to volunteering to community organizing, CAPS equips students with information and provides opportunities to explore the relationship between cultivating an active public life and creating healthy communities.

Center for Action and Public Service Directors

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