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Academic Programs

RISE Leadership

The RISE Leadership Program is designed to foster a leadership development culture and develop future leaders to create a better, healthier, more equitable world. Salem College does so through a unique four-year co-curricular leadership development program focused on the specific aspects of being a confident and courageous leader in the 21st century. This program is one of the many ways Salem fulfills its commitment to helping students understand the power, complexity, and importance of health in society.

Student Experience

Through the RISE Leadership Program, students participate in selected leadership-focused programs, workshops, and events, and reflect and act on their leadership potential. Also, as part of RISE, students will develop an online leadership portfolio, which will be a written and visual description of their leadership journey.  The portfolio is unique to individual students and their leadership potential and qualities. Through participating in RISE events, students earn points. Earning enough points enables students to become “RISE Fellows.”

The RISE Leadership Program includes:

  • Leadership competency assessment
  • Leadership programming and events across all four years
  • Mentorship program
  • Internships experience in organizations that support the health of individuals and groups
  • Optional study abroad/study away experiences specifically related to issues of global health
  • Capstone project focused on the topics and issues that affect the health of individuals, communities, and our society
  • Leadership portfolio

Health Leadership Highlights

RISE is interwoven in the fabric of the liberal arts and health leadership focus at Salem College. RISE provides meaningful opportunities for students to develop these health leadership competencies:

  • Self-knowledge, an awareness of self and the ability to identify one’s strengths and values to foster one’s leadership potential
  • Teamwork by recognizing and addressing a range of practices and perspectives
  • Effective communication with peers, including those with different strengths and working styles
  • Resilience when faced with challenges
  • Responsibility and accountability for one’s actions and the effects they have on others
  • Understanding of the collective challenges and successes of their peers

Program Leadership

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