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Center for Women in Entrepreneurship and Business

The Center for Women in Entrepreneurship & Business (CWEB) is dedicated to promoting Salem College as the intellectual and physical center for the region’s professional women and serving as a vital hub linking our students with professionals in the outlying business, government, and academic fields. The CWEB was established in 2002 through the generosity of the Kimbrough family.  

Two students in downtown Winston Salem

Jobs and Outcomes

Being part of the Center for Women in Entrepreneurship & Business helps Salem graduates:

  • Work for a corporation, the government, or a nonprofit institution
  • Start their own business
  • Enter one of the many management training programs and graduate schools across the country that regularly accept Salem graduates
Salem College students studying with a microscope

Student Experience

Students who take part in the Center for Women in Entrepreneurship are afforded the opportunity to:

  • Expand their collaboration with the local and regional business community
  • Foster opportunities in the global business environment
  • Participate in mentoring experiences and internships 
  • Hear from distinguished speakers on current topics in business and economics
  • Have their accomplishments highlighted in the professional women in business communities​
Salem College student holding a 3-D model of a human organ

Health Leadership Highlights

  • Opportunity to participate in the Center for Women in Entrepreneurship & Business speaker series, which includes sessions led by local business leaders 
  • Attend seminars related to financial health topics including but not limited to budgeting, credit, taxes, and wealth building

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