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Campus Life

The Honor Code

Students signing the honor code

The Honor Code is the foundation of a Salem College education as it establishes how members of the Salem community treat each other. Salem College is a community of honor. As a result, students show respect for our community by acting with honesty, integrity, and civility. At Salem College, students are entrusted with the rights, responsibilities, and privileges associated with the Honor Code.

Salem College students singing the honor code

Privileges of the Honor Code

By virtue of the strength of the Honor Code tradition, students are extended the following privileges:

  • Self-scheduled exams
  • Unproctored and take-home tests in many classes
  • Faculty, administration, staff, and students’ trust and respect
  • An environment and culture of respect and integrity

In recognition of the privileges bestowed by the Honor Code, students begin their Salem journey by signing the Honor Code evidencing their commitment to the Code and the Salem community.

Salem College students reciting the honor code pledge

The Honor Code

Salem College is a community of honor. I will show respect for my community by behaving with honesty, integrity, and civility.

As a responsibility to my honor community:

  1. I will show respect for my classmates and faculty by maintaining honesty in my academic work and refraining from cheating.
  2. I will show respect for my community and peers by maintaining integrity and honesty in my daily life and refraining from stealing and lying.
  3. I will show respect for faculty, staff, my peers, classmates, and members of the administration by maintaining civility and refraining from disruptive and abusive language and behavior.

I acknowledge that I will be held accountable for my decisions and behavior, and I will accept the consequences of my actions. In choosing Salem College, I pledge to uphold the principles of the Honor Code and will cherish and guard its traditions.

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