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Our Campus

Student center at Salem College
Portrait view of Salem College campus while the sun comes up

Our historic, 57-acre campus is located in the living history museum and neighborhood of Old Salem in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Salem College is adjacent to the Salem Creek Greenway, directly connecting our students to downtown Winston-Salem, just minutes away by car or by foot.

The 57 acre campus includes top-notch facilities that support small class sizes and experiential learning. Primary locations for academic learning include the Rondthaler Science Building, Main Hall, Gramley Library, and the Elberson Fine Arts Center.

Residence halls at Salem include a range of housing styles and options including several small, house-like buildings. Students are able to study, participate in activities and experience college life in the Student Center. Dining options include cafeteria traditional style at the Corrin Refectory dining hall and quick meals in the Student Center Cafe. Our campus includes a wide array of outdoor spaces, including Salem Square,  two hiking or biking trails, and access to the Old Salem Strollway, just feet from our campus.

Our campus also includes a recreational fitness center in Bryant Hall, and athletic facilities for volleyball, basketball, tennis, swimming and more, which are shared with Salem Academy.

The campus store, also known as “The Mercantile,” is the place to shop for all the latest Salem College merchandise. Located at 601 S. Church Street, this store has just about everything a college student needs — from sweatshirts and ballcaps to travel mugs and lanyards. Not to mention art, books, and cozy Salem blankets.

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