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Center for Women Writers

Since 1996, the Center for Women Writers (CWW) has been a forum for supporting, encouraging, and promoting the writing of women, trans women, and non-binary writers. All Salem students are welcome and encouraged to join the Center and/or attend readings, workshops and other events sponsored by the Center regardless of major. The Center also welcomes faculty, staff, and community members to participate in its activities.

Salem College students
Salem College students in class

Student Experience

The CWW affords students the ability to come together around a common goal.  By taking part in the CWW, students have the opportunity to hear from visiting authors, particularly women, non-binary, trans-women writers and poets. The Center invites students, staff, and faculty to participate in poetry slams, and increase their skills through writing workshops. It hosts the all-night write-in in Gramley Library. The Center resides in the “NEST,” a vibrant physical space where students can meet, socialize, and write together.

Salem College students in class

Health Leadership Highlights

The CWW embraces the ideas of narrative medicine. Students practice empathetic thinking, reflective writing, and wellness journaling in order to improve their understanding of health and develop their sense of wellbeing. In so doing, the CWW’s activities link the humanities and health, writing with wellness.

Center for Women Writers Director

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