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Salem College students in class with the professor pointing to a screen

Master of Education (MEd)

Program Options: Graduate

Our master of education program at Salem College is ideally suited for licensed teachers seeking to enhance their professional practice. Salem’s M.Ed. programs have been designed to complement an in-service teacher’s schedule. Evening class meeting times, customized courses of study, flexible and convenient semester schedules (including two summer terms), and intimate rapport with colleagues and professors make our M.Ed. programs a terrific choice for educators seeking an advanced degree.

Master of Health Administration (Online)

Program Options: Graduate

Salem College’s Master of Health Administration program equips recent graduates and early-career leaders with the values, knowledge, skills, and cultural sensitivity to take on leadership roles in their organizations. An interdisciplinary collection of courses provide information related to the healthcare system, general healthcare management; professionalism and ethical behavior, cultural proficiency, emotional intelligence, communication, and leadership.

Music book open on a piano

Master of Music and Graduate Certificate in Injury-Preventive Keyboard

Program Options: Graduate

Salem College’s Master of Music is unique in the United States. Not only does the Salem program enhance students’ performance artistry and increase their pedagogical skills but also helps them to regain or lengthen their careers through an emphasis on injury-preventive keyboard technique. This emphasis was created in response to a high rate of playing-related injuries among pianists and organists worldwide, which often jeopardized their futures in music. Graduate students may also study injury-preventive keyboard technique as a stand-alone certificate that is offered in-person and online. The Master of Music program is open to qualified pianists and organists who would like to further their professional development.

Woman leaning up against glass with computer equipment behind it

Mathematics and Data Science

Program Options: Major (BA), Major (BS), Minor

The math major at Salem is designed to expand your ability to tackle complex problems and to approach them by developing a method for their solution. We teach students to employ logic and critical thinking as they further their understanding of the structures and patterns within the discipline as well as how to integrate mathematics into other areas of study. One of our guiding philosophies is that when you couple your major or minor in mathematics with another major, your possibilities are endless. Students can earn a BS or a BA in Mathematics, or a minor in data science. Students can take courses in physics or learn to write code in Python or R through the program as well.

Aerial view of Salem College campus with Winston Salem in the background

Nonprofit Management and Community Leadership

Program Options: Major (BA), Minor

Salem is unique in offering one of the few programs in the country offering an undergraduate degree in nonprofit management and community leadership. Salem students in the program explore and understand critical community and societal issues. They also learn about the unique role that nonprofit organizations play in cultivating healthy, just communities. Through experiential learning opportunities in the classroom and across the Triad region, they develop the skills and knowledge necessary to be change agents and leaders in the nonprofit arena. Salem offers a bachelor of arts in nonprofit management and community leadership as well as a minor in nonprofit management and community leadership.

Two bowls of yoghurt and fruit


Program Options: Minor

Salem College offers a minor in Nutrition. Nutrition is an integrated program that matches well with biochemistry, chemistry, exercise science, and public health, serving as electives for some of these majors. In their Nutrition courses, students explore topics such as sports nutrition, international nutrition and cultural foods, food science, vitamins, minerals and bioactive compounds, and the relationship between diet and disease. Many of these courses include service-learning and hands-on learning experiences.

Facade of a building with columns

Political Science

Program Options: Major (BA), Minor

The program is intended to acquaint students with the ways that political structures have developed and the influence of the social systems of power on governmental structures. Students will evaluate how these systems of power have impacted groups based on their status in the system with a particular focus on the impact of gender, race, class, sexuality, and citizenship status. Students learn about the basic structures of government both in the US and in the international system. The global impact of politics and the economy is a key part of their classroom experience, where students consider the role that a globalized economy has on equity and class hierarchies.

Two people talking

Pre-Professional Programs

Salem College offers specialized advising programs to help students prepare for rigorous studies of law school and health professional schools including medical school, dental school, PA, PT, OT, optometry, and many others.We encourage students who are interested in these professional paths to seek assistance early in their academic careers.

Books at a book store

Psychological Science

Program Options: Major (BA), Major (BS), Minor

Psychological science is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. The objective of Salem’s Psychological Science program is to guide students in their understanding of the theories, methods, research findings and applications of psychology. Students develop their critical and analytical thinking skills and hone their communication skills as they combine the academic study of psychology with hands-on research. Salem offers a bachelor of arts with a major in psychological science, a bachelor of science with a major in psychological science, and a minor in psychological science.

Person with a stethoscope around their neck

Public Health

Program Options: Major (BA), Minor

Public health is a broad field that focuses on improving the health of communities and specific populations with a focus on prevention. The program fosters critical thinking regardless of discipline, and is designed to equip future doctors, lawyers, journalists, teachers and business owners to examine the impact of sociocultural, political, environmental, biological, organizational and economic factors on health and wellness. Salem College offers a bachelor of arts in public health and a minor in public health.

Student with powdered color in their hands

Race and Ethnicity Studies

Program Options: Major (BA), Minor

Race and ethnicity studies is an interdisciplinary program devoted to the critical examination of race and ethnicity with particular emphasis on the social construction of these concepts and their comparative evolutions in different societies. This program of study guides students in the critical analysis of how race and ethnicity intersect with conceptions of gender, nation, religion, sexuality, age and class. Inside and outside the classroom, students in this discipline will participate in the open exchange of ideas about identity, multiculturalism and diversity. Salem offers a bachelor of arts with a major in race and ethnicity studies and a minor in race and ethnicity studies.

A book open on a table

Religious Studies

Program Options: Major (BA), Minor

Religion is a central source of meaning, purpose, and creativity in human cultures while also a source of conflict and controversy. Salem’s religious studies program allows students to explore specific religious traditions past and present and how they inform history, politics, science, literature, and art. Drawing on diverse theories and methods, students will learn to cultivate skills of critical inquiry and become well-informed, globally aware, and tolerant thinkers who are adept at research, analysis, writing, and speaking. Salem offers a bachelor of arts with a major in religious studies and a minor in religious studies.

RISE Leadership

Program Options: Concentration

The RISE Leadership Program is designed to foster a leadership development culture and develop future leaders to create a better, healthier, more equitable world. Salem College does so through a unique four-year co-curricular leadership development program focused on the specific aspects of being a confident and courageous leader in the 21st century. This program is one of the many ways Salem fulfills its commitment to helping students understand the power, complexity, and importance of health in society.

Two students downtown Winston Salem


Program Options: Concentration, Major (BA), Minor

Sociology is the study of human behavior in society. At Salem, sociology students have the opportunity to study crime, social and criminal justice, family, race and ethnicity, gender, class, natural and man-made disasters, social inequality, housing and communities and immigration. Students will develop the abilities to investigate social problems from a historical and scientific lens, conduct academic research, explain causes behind human behavior and present their ideas in a professional and scholarly environment.

Books on a table


Program Options: Concentration, Major (BA), Minor

Salem offers a bachelor of arts with a major in Spanish and with an optional concentration in Spanish for health professions; a minor in Spanish; and a minor in Spanish for health professions. Students pursuing any of these degrees will learn to converse effectively and comfortably with native speakers and increase their cultural awareness of the diversity of Hispanic peoples across the world.

Students from Salem College at study away

Study Away

Studying away from campus helps our students develop confidence, responsibility, and problem solving. They gain a global mindset, become aware of other cultures, and gain new perspectives. Simply, students learn best by doing and thrive when they are active participants in shaping their educational experiences. Salem’s Study Away program brings these core beliefs into action. Within this program, Salem faculty and staff offer individualized support to students who wish to receive academic course credit for study outside the Salem campus, and outside the United States.

Two students in downtown Winston Salem

Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Program Options: Minor

In this interdisciplinary minor, students explore the historical marginalization of women and gender nonconforming people, as well as add their own voice to discussions of dynamic issues such as sexual harassment, pay equity, violence against women and children, the role of women in the arts and sciences and changing perspectives on gender and sexuality. Students take two common classes and then choose from a list of electives based on their own interests.

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