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Academic Programs

Race and Ethnicity Studies

Student with powdered color in their hands

Race and ethnicity studies is an interdisciplinary program devoted to the critical examination of race and ethnicity with particular emphasis on the social construction of these concepts and their comparative evolutions in different societies. This program of study guides students in the critical analysis of how race and ethnicity intersect with conceptions of gender, nation, religion, sexuality, age and class. Inside and outside the classroom, students in this discipline will participate in the open exchange of ideas about identity, multiculturalism and diversity. Salem offers a bachelor of arts with a major in race and ethnicity studies and a minor in race and ethnicity studies.

Student Experience

Within this program, there are a variety of professors from different programs that provide a cross-disciplinary perspective. Most of the courses required are electives from different areas so students are able to combine and double-major with a degree in race and ethnicity studies. This program is flexible such that students can derive their own path of electives working with the program director.

Health Leadership Highlights

  • This program explores health inequity in the context of race and gender. In addition, some of the courses are related to Spanish, public health and sociology.
  • There are course discussions on health systems, dietary habits, health options in various communities, food deserts in urban areas and cultural disparities that affect different populations.

Jobs and Outcomes

With these degrees, students will be prepared to further their education at the graduate level, attend law school or work in a variety of fields, including elementary or secondary public education and nonprofit leadership.

Program Leadership

To meet other faculty, please go to the faculty/staff directory.

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