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Master of Health Administration (Online)

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Salem College’s Master of Health Administration program equips recent graduates and early-career leaders with the values, knowledge, skills, and cultural sensitivity to take on leadership roles in their organizations. An interdisciplinary collection of courses provide information related to the healthcare system, general healthcare management; professionalism and ethical behavior, cultural proficiency, emotional intelligence, communication, and leadership. Grounded in the principles of health leadership, this program produces leaders who will shape and impact the future of health, business, and the communities in which they will serve. Our evening, synchronous online courses lead to a Master’s in Health Administration–the key credential for people looking to advance into leadership in health organizations.

Join us virtually on Wednesday, December 6, 2023 for a virtual information session to learn more about Salem’s Master of Health Administration program. Register here.

Jobs and Outcomes

An advanced degree in health administration provides career opportunities in traditional healthcare settings as well as nonprofit organizations and consulting firms. Potential employers include hospitals, outpatient clinics, public health clinics, government agencies, insurance companies, and pharmaceutical companies.

Program Leadership

To meet other faculty, please go to the faculty/staff directory.

Student Experience

In our online synchronous program, students interact frequently with each other and with faculty members, getting the personal and professional guidance they need to grow into leadership roles. Our program guides students to work successfully in diverse organizations and with diverse populations.  Students complete a capstone project and/or an internship. Capstone projects are organization and unit specific and connect a student to a “site supervisor” who reviews their work and allows students to use what they have learned over the last two years to “bring it to life” Internships are 400 hours of project based work experience across various profit and nonprofit organizations.

Health Leadership Highlights

Health leadership is woven throughout the curriculum, from the opening courses which help students understand basic management and leadership skills, through the practicum experience, where students implement their learning in their workplaces. All of these experiences are informed by the following five pillars: cultural perspectives, data analytics, community, resilience and grit. Salem’s program is unique in that it weaves each of these five themes throughout every course in the program.

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