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Psychological Science

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Psychological science is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. The objective of Salem’s Psychological Science program is to guide students in their understanding of the theories, methods, research findings and applications of psychology. Students develop their critical and analytical thinking skills and hone their communication skills as they combine the academic study of psychology with hands-on research. Salem offers a bachelor of arts with a major in psychological science, a bachelor of science with a major in psychological science, and a minor in psychological science.

Student Experience

Students in Salem’s Psychological Science program start by learning the basics of the field and its practices, including data analysis and research. They then move on to hands-on learning, including carrying out experimentation in our experimental courses and Psychology Lab. Those experiences lead students to conduct independent research projects on topics they are passionate about, and a culminating research project in the Senior Seminar. Many students also pursue internships that build on their knowledge and research skills and explore how psychology applies to a wide range of career paths.

Health Leadership Highlights

  • Core Psychological Science courses offer direct insight into the components of mental health and human development across the lifespan.
  • Students can develop a deeper understanding of health in psychology electives, such as the Psychology of Women and Human Sexuality.
  • Many of our students complete internships in health leadership related fields, including school counseling, art therapy practices, addiction counseling, and family services.

Jobs and Outcomes

A Psychological Science degree from Salem College prepares students for jobs across a wide range of career paths. Some paths, like counseling, human services, and communication, are closely related to the discipline of psychology. Because of the hands-on learning, course content, and skills that they develop, students can go on to work in other health-related fields, government, business, and the non-profit sector as well.  Many Salem psychology graduates choose to continue their studies in graduate school, or in graduate professional programs like counseling and social work.


Program Leadership

To meet other faculty, please go to the faculty/staff directory.

Ayana Shiggs

Success Stories

Ayana Shiggs

Ayana Shiggs 2016

While at Salem College, I have been able to take advantage of limitless opportunities which have prepared me for my future. Thanks to the connections I have made at Salem, I will continue to power forward knocking down every barrier placed in front of me.

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