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The Biochemistry major introduces students to the application of chemical principles to biological systems across living organisms. Students learn and integrate biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics to understand and solve problems within the spheres of health, medicine, environment, forensics, and food at the molecular level. Salem offers a bachelor of science in biochemistry.

Student Experience

Students in biochemistry develop practical lab skills, work as a team, and conduct research alongside passionate professors who help students succeed. Small class size allows students to have hands-on experience doing biochemistry. In addition, students benefit from internships from various medical schools and graduate schools. Historically, Salem students experience a high acceptance rate to medical, dental, physician assistant, pharmacy, and graduate schools. Students also choose to work in teaching, industry, research, or clinical labs after college.

Health Leadership Highlights

  • Students in the biochemistry program write projects leading to peer-reviewed scientific publications, shadow medical staff, attend annual scientific meetings, and complete summer internships.
  • Historically, students have opportunities to complete extensive work-study programs in labs that in some cases have led to post-baccalaureate programs at research universities.

Jobs and Outcomes

A degree in biochemistry prepares students for postgraduate studies in fields including molecular biology, pharmacology, and biophysics; as well as a range of career paths in areas such as dentistry, medicine, physician assistant school, pharmacology, process engineering, veterinary science, and agricultural science. Biochemists are employed in government, industry, education, medicine, and by private institutions.

Program Leadership

To meet other faculty, please go to the faculty/staff directory.

Success Stories

Tyler Davenport, C’22

Class of 2022 Major: Biochemistry  The biochemistry program at Salem College was a window for me to see the different possibilities within this field. This program has allowed me to pursue my master’s in food science so that I can become a flavor chemist. My professor, Dr. Totten helped cultivate my interest and guide me...

Haley McDonough, C’22

Class of 2022 Major: Biochemistry and Religion Salem’s focus on Women’s Education and Health Leadership equipped me with the necessary skills and confidence to be a leader, gave me unique learning opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom, and prepared me for the rigorous nature of professional school. Salem’s small student to professor ratio...

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