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Academic Programs

Health Communication

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In the health communication program at Salem, students take part in a comprehensive study of arts, communication, data and health science fields to develop skills in health data analysis and hone their ability to create effective messaging that helps audiences live well. As part of their courses, students collect data, learn statistics, and create podcasts, infographics, public service campaigns and journalistic reporting. The curriculum is designed to welcome transfer students and students who began their education in other disciplines. The bachelor of arts in health communication is a data-driven and creative program of study.

Student Experience

Students in health communication do hands-on work in partnership with nonprofit organizations to develop media marketing campaigns that promote community well-being. The result is that our students gain experience with clients and see their media creations enhance fundraising campaigns, improve website designs and boost volunteerism. 

Health Leadership Highlights

  • The health communication program includes courses across disciplines of health, science, communication and art so students learn how to gather and evaluate data, and present complex scientific and health information to audiences. 
  • The signature health communication class gives students an opportunity to learn about health disparities and create communication strategies to promote greater equity. Students and faculty have addressed health disparities, maternal health and access to healthy food.

Jobs and Outcomes

By integrating communication courses and data analytics experiences into this major, students build in-demand skills that serve them well in their communications careers.  

Students are prepared to understand, evaluate, and enhance the health of individuals, communities, and the environment as future health leaders. They graduate with practical and transferable skills that equip them to enter the fields of public health research, medical writing, healthcare marketing, technical writing in the field and health journalism. 

Program Leadership

To meet other faculty, please go to the faculty/staff directory.

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