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Health Science

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The health science major at Salem allows students with an interest in the natural sciences to explore interdisciplinary perspectives on health and the healthcare industry. This program of study is also a pillar of Salem’s initiative to support more women building foundational knowledge that will help them thrive in the field of health leadership. Salem offers a bachelor of science and a bachelor of arts in health science.

Student Experience

Students in the health science program at Salem College chart their path toward various biomedical and health-related careers through coursework and co-curricular activities that impart a well-rounded understanding of health. With guidance from Salem’s expert advisors, Health Science students take the natural science, social science and other coursework needed to pursue entry into their chosen professional programs of medicine or allied health, including schools of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, optometry, physical therapy, occupational therapy, physician associate/assistant and veterinary medicine. Most students choose to explore their potential career path through at least one internship experience, such as shadowing healthcare professionals or biomedical research. Salem College offers a bachelor of arts in health science and a bachelor of science in health science.

Health Leadership Highlights

  • As an interdisciplinary major, health science exposes students not just to natural and social sciences, but also to a variety of health-related electives that allow them to explore health as a complex and dynamic system of care.
  • Students choose among such compelling elective courses as Introduction to Public Health, Health Communication, Ethics of Health and Healing and History of U.S. Health Policy. This exposure helps students explore multiple potential career paths and perspectives on health as they engage with their coursework.

Jobs and Outcomes

A health science degree provides a STEM-focused experience that prepares students to further their professional education in the biomedical science field or enter the healthcare industry. After pursuing graduate study, students can enter careers in medical fields including veterinary medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, podiatry and optometry. Students are also equipped for allied health professions such as physician assistant or associate, physical and occupational therapist and nutritionist as well as related careers such as clinical research, pharmaceutical development, genetic counseling and hospital administration.

Program Leadership

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