Amber Lee

'16 - Biochemistry

Hometown: Summerville, SC

Internship: Researching emerging cancer therapies and their efficacy in treating acute myeloid leukemia at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center; a paid summer research fellowship in Wake Forest University’s department of physics doing biophysical research of blood enzymes and nitric oxide; and a paid REU fellow at Winthrop University studying a mathematical model I developed to describe early-stage colon cancer. I am currently at Salem studying another mathematical model I created to describe the mutualistic relationships of three species in Brazil’s cerrado ecosystem.

Small class sizes mean you will develop intimate professional relationships with your professors and classmates. My smallest class at Salem had only three students and consequently was tailored to our individual learning needs. You will never be ‘just a number’ here, a fact which allows professors to write very personal letters of recommendation for research positions, jobs, and graduate school. Our professors are invested in the personal and professional success of their students, and go above and beyond to help us in ways faculty at other institutions cannot. Both my research experiences and my valuable connections to Salem’s faculty have allowed me to successfully apply to a number of competitive PhD programs in chemistry. I have had a 100% acceptance rate at all five universities!”