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Academic Programs

Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)

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Candidates who have already completed a four-year degree in a field other than education may elect to pursue the Masters of the Arts of Teaching (MAT).  This is a two-phase program; phase one leads to initial licensure, and phase two offers candidates the opportunity to attain an advanced degree in education. The MAT program was created for the working student and features small class sizes, a supportive atmosphere, a customized and flexible course of study, and evening classes.

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Student Experience

Students in the MAT program initially engage in coursework that allows them to develop the pedagogical knowledge required to effectively teach all students. Coursework is infused with relevant fieldwork experiences, whereby candidates engage with students in classrooms and put their coursework learning into practice. This culminates in a full student teaching experience. After student teaching, candidates engage in coursework that results in eligibility for an advanced license.

Health Leadership Highlights

  • Students in the MAT program can specialize in Elementary Education, Special Education, Middle School/High School content areas, Second Languages, or Art. With a focus on developing teachers who will lead in their schools from a student-centered, constructivist lens, teachers learn the effects of physical and social-emotional health on the development of healthy communities. A focus on Education as one of the five Social Determinants of Health is emphasized throughout the program.
  • Students in the MAT program in Special Education learn to recognize, evaluate, and address specific physical, social-emotional, and learning needs of individual students. They become health leaders in their schools by addressing the needs of all students to support their health, well-being, and school success.

Jobs and Outcomes

Candidates who complete the first phase of the MAT program will be licensed to teach in their area of specialization. Candidates can choose Elementary Education (K-6), Special Education (K-12), Middle School/High School content areas, Second Language, or Art as their area of licensure. Upon completion of the second phase of the MAT program, candidates will hold a Master’s Degree. Candidates who complete all licensure requirements are “Highly Qualified” to teach.

Program Leadership

To meet other faculty, please go to the faculty/staff directory.

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