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Name Title Phone Email
Acker-Mills, Barbara Adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychology
Adams, Fred Supervisor, School Counseling Program Interns
Adams, Gail Coordinator of Cultural Events (336) 721-2851
Adams, Kathryn Visiting Assistant Professor of Education (336) 917-5848
Adams, Sandra Supervisor, Student Counseling Program Interns
Adrian, Dr. Marlin Chair and Assistant Professor, Religion and Philosophy (336) 917-5426
Aft, Eric Adjunct Instructor, Not-for-Profit Mgt.
Anderson, Goldia Admin. Assist.-Administration (336) 721-2606
Arai, Hidemi Adjunct Instructor - Math
Austin, Peter Tech. Serv. Librarian (336) 917-5422
Bailey, Amy Adjunct Asst. Prof. Salem Signature
Barnes, Kathy Associate Dean of Admissions (336) 917-5565
Barr, Krispin Dean of Students (336) 721-2627
Barrett, Melissa Athletic Director (336) 917-5402
Beeson, Melissa Assistant Professor of Education
Beitel, Jessica Accompanist
Benninger, Paul Director-Information Technology (336) 917-5460
Berg, John Adjunct Instructor NFPM
Berkman, Jane Counseling Intern (336) 917-5364
Black, Joanne Assistant Professor of Sociology and Criminal Studies (336) 721-2705
Blackwell, Katharine Assistant Professor of Psychology
Bodford, Diane Admin. Assist., Physical Plant (336) 721-2711
Bodsford, Kellie Director of Giving Service and Stewardship (336) 721-2607
Bowman, Aaron Adjunct Instructor of Sociology
Bowman-Hicks, Shawn Adj. Professor, Dance
Boyd, Monica Director of Student Professional Development
Boyles, Donna Student Teacher Supervisor
Boyst, John Instructor of Spanish/part-time (336) 721-2782
Brawley, Susan Administrative Associate - Registrar (336) 917-5455
Brock, Nikki Accts. Receivable Mgr. (336) 917-5473
Brooks, DeAnne Adj. Assist. Prof. of Exercise Science
Brown, Cristy Instructor of Voice (336) 721-2792
Bryan, Derek Chief Financial Officer (336) 917-5472
Bryan, Tereena Senior Fellow
Bryant, Megan Adjunct Instructor, Salem Signature
Burns, William Adjunct Instructor BUAD
Butchart, Anne-Fleur Adjunct Instructor of French
Callahan, Jay Sports Infor. Director/Soccer Coach (336) 721-2648
Callaway, Hannah Communications and Social Media Manager (336) 721-2831
Calovini, Susan Dean of College/VP Academic & Student Affairs
Cardwell, Douglas Prof. of French Emeritus
Cardwell, Ron Assistant Professor of Accounting (336) 917-5784
Carey, Jan Admission Counselor/Academic Advisor Fleer Center
Casey, Monica Adjunct Instructor of Physical Ed
Casstevens, Darlene Adjunct Instructor of Business Administration
Cecil Rogers, Jessica Assistant Dean of AdmissionsCentral NC & Intrn'l students
Chesnut, Christy Assistant Director of Financial Aid (336) 917-5576
Cirba, Anita Instructor of Trumpet
Clark, Richard CX Database Administrator (336) 917-5464
Clubb, Jason Part-time Controller (336) 917-5743
Collins, Julie Administrative Assistant
Collins, Terry Gramley Library (336) 917-5423
Cooper, Joseph Adjunct Instructor of Creative Writing
Cortes, Robert FAC Coordinator
Coscia, Paul Director of Financial Aid (336) 917-5577
Crooks, Kevin Adjunct Assistant Professor of Economics
Cummings, Michael Assoc. Prof. of Accounting (336) 721-2602
Curry, Stacy Adjunct Instructor of Environmental Sci.
Dallas, Shari Director of Transfer Recruitment and Special Events (336) 917-5570
Davis, Ida Turner Director- Academic Support (336) 721-2822
Davis, Mary Ann Visiting Instructor, Educ./Clinical Coord., Educ. Program (336) 721-2774
Davis, Melinda Student Teacher Supervisor
Dennis, Kimya Assistant Professor of Sociology (336) 721-2886
DeValdivielso, James Adjunct Instr., International Marketing
Dixon, Tina Adjunct Instructor of Business Admin
Donovan, Anne Adm Asst-Fleer Center
Dowell-Dennis, Teresa Adjunct Instructor of Art
Doyle, Myra Adjunct Instructor of Sociology
Doyle, Nora Assistant Professor of History
Duckett, Kathy Biology Laboratory CoordinatorStaff Coordinator (336) 721-2787
Dudley, Linda Professor of Psychology (336) 721-2693
Duffy, Donna Adjunct Instructor of Physical Education
Dulan, Jo Salem Distinguished Professor, Director of Honors Program (336) 721-2721
Dunn, Rebecca Assoc. Prof. of Biology (336) 721-2723
Duran, Sally Instructor of Harp
Dykers, Carol Assoc. Prof. of Communication (336) 721-2740
Ebersole, Jamie Lynn Field Hockey Coach
Echols, Heidi Associate Professor of Dance (336) 721-2789
Edge, Susan Adjunct Instructor of Education
Engimann, Melissa Adjunct Instructor, Arts Management
Epstein, Jonathon Adjunct Assistant Professor of Sociology
Eustice, Judy Director-Development Operations (336) 721-2820
Fansler, Andrew Adjunct instructor in Art
Fearnbach, Heather Adjunct Instructor-Historic Preservation
Fields, Elizabeth Student Teacher Supervisor
Finnerud, Meg Chaplain's Intern (336) 917-5087
Foley, David Associate Professor of Political Science (336) 721-2760
Forrest, Casey Adjunct Assist. Prof, Business Admin.
Fowler, Tamara Sharee Adjunct Assist. Professor of Sociology
Francisco, Alyson Kimbrough Professor of Business and EconomicsDirector of the Center for Women in Business
Fuller, Amelia Penland Associate Registrar (336) 917-5241
Gallagher, Angela Adjunct Instructor of Physical Education
Gallagher, Ginger Adjunct Instructor of Physical Education
Gallimore, Anna Director of Administration (336) 721-2852
Galloway, Nicole Assistant Professor of Education (336) 917-5819
Gann, Roger Adjunct Instructor of Business Administration (336) 721-2600
Gebhard, Susan Visiting Assist Professor of Education
Gerstmyer, John Assistant Professor of Education (336) 721-2660
Goliszek, Erin Adjunct Professor of Education
Gordon, Neina Adjunct Instructor of Creative Writing
Gore, Natasha Adjunct Instructor NFPM
Gorelick, Christine Adjunct Instructor, NFPM
Granados, Adriana Adj. Instructor of Interior Design adriana.granados@salem.edju
Gray, DeOnna Adjunct Instructor of Spanish
Griffin, Penny Associate Professor of Art (336) 721-2753
Griggs, Marissa Adjunct Instructor of Psychology
Guzman, Maxine Adjunct Instructor of Mathematics
Hagan, Cara
Hamilton, Cheryl Payroll and Benefits Administrator
Hardin, Sharon Adjunct Instructor of Art (336) 721-2850
Harding, Susan Adjunct Instructor of Physical Education
Harlan-Roe, Carolyn Adjunct Instructor-Education (336) 917-5780
Harper, Tiffany Book Store Manager (336) 917-5390
Harrell, Debbie Assistant Professor of Math (336) 721-2762
Harrison, Heather Residential Coordinator - Babcock, Bitting & Strong (336) 917-5124
Hawkins, Stimp Coordinator of COLL200 (336) 721-2768
Hayes, Gerry Main Hall Faculty Secretary (336) 721-2687
Haynes, Ginger Bodford Adjunct Instructor-Educ. (336) 917-5780
Helsabeck, Stephanie Adjunct Instructor, Educ. (336) 917-5780
Hindmon, Shelley Director of Foundation and Corporate Relations (336) 917-5552
Hines-Gaither, Krishauna Instructor, Spanish (336) 917-5268
Hinkle, Mary Charlotte Assistant Soccer Coach
Hinton, Sabrina Adjunct Isntructor of Education
Hixson, Karen Associate Professor of Exercise Science
Hortal, Laura Interim Int'l Student Services Coordinator
Hubbard, Heather Business Office Associate/Cashier (336) 917-5445
Hutton, John Associate Professor of Art (336) 721-2793
Hyland, Jonathan Adj. Instructor of Art
Jackson, Tobe Assist. Director-Physical Plant (336) 721-2707
Jacobsen, Mary Associate Professor of Psychology (336) 721-2657
Jamison, Patrick Maintenance Technician
Jeter, Elizabeth Adjunct Instructor of Communication
Johe, Richard E. Assistant Professor of Business (336) 721-2751
Johnson, Millicent Adj. Instructor of Education
Jones, Mark Webmaster (336) 917-5089
Kamtman, Michael Director of The Pierrettes; Adjunct Instructor of Music (336) 721-2636
Kelley, Kris Systems Administrator (336) 721-2810
Kincaid, Joel Adjunct Assist Prof of Economics
King, Aaron Adjunct Assist. Prof. of Physical Ed.
King, William Reference Librarian (336) 917-5420
Kirby, Carol Adjunct Assist. Professor of Education
Kirkman, Trinette Adjunct Instructor of Spanish
Kivett, Henry Adjunct Instructor of Creative Writing
Kuppinger, Dane Assistant Professor of Biology
Lambros, Ann Adjunct Associate Professor of Business
Lampidis, Anna Instructor of Oboe
Landis, Steven Adjunct Instructor of Music
LeBaron, Maria
Lemons, Jeff Asst. Athletic Trainer
Leon-Tavora, Ana Assistant Professor of Spanish
Leonard, Nichole Bacon Adj. Instructor of Educ.
Lewallen, Brynn Financial Aid Counselor (336) 917-5398
Lewis, Duncan Adjunct Instructor of Art
Lewis, Ronnie PC Support/Network (336) 917-5100
Line, Judy Director of Special Events (336) 721-2671
Linebarrier, Douglas Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Lipsett, Diane Assistant Professor of Religion
Lister-Sink, Barbara Director of the School of MusicSalem College Distinguished Professor of PianoArtist in Residence (336) 721-2637
Ljungquist, Gary Director of Salem Signature Program, Professor of Modern Languages (336) 721-2759
LoCicero, Jack Director of Counseling Services (336) 721-2625
Lofland, Rene Adjunct Instructor of French
Long, Emily Director of Student Activities (336) 917-5000
Lyons, Johnna Assistant Professor of Education (336) 917-5785
Lyons, Laura Reference Librarian
Mallon, Rosanna Asst. Dir., Alumnae Relations (336) 917-5599
Mann, Carmine Instructor of Piano
Marshall, Cecilia Adjunct Assist. Professor of Education (662) 801-0150
Martin, Krystyna Admissions CounselorTX, RI, MA, OH, DE, PA, CA, IL (336) 917-5557
Marvin, Cynthia Adjunct Instructor Arts Management
Maslennikova, Anastasia Adjunct Instructor of Physical Education
Mattox, Wade Assistant Professor of Mathematics
McAdams, Kathy Office Systems Manager (336) 917-5564
McCormack, Sara Assistant Soccer Coach (336) 917-5403
McKnight, George Assoc. Professor, Chemistry (336) 721-2786
McKnight, Kay Library Archivist (336) 917-5424
Melton, Michelle Dir of Communications & Public Relations (336) 917-5721
Melvin, Metta-Sama Director of Creative Writing (336) 917-5006
Milholland, Anna Public Services Librarian (336) 917-5436
Mills, Joseph Visiting Writer (336) 721-2704
Molina-Diaz, Doris Adjunct Assistant Professor of Biology
Montaquila, Ron Executive-in-Residence (336) 817-7780
Moore, Suzi Faculty Secretary-Science Bldg. (336) 721-2809
Morales, George Director of Physical Plant
Morgan, Jennifer Director of Major and Planned Gifts
Motsinger, Wanda Exec. Sec. to President (336) 721-2605
Myers, Christine Adjunct Instructor BUAD
Nazzaro, Christina Assistant Swim Coach
Nichols, Daphne Music Accompanist
Novicki, Elizabeth Director of Libraries (336) 917-5420
Oczkowicz, Edyta Assoc. Professor of English (336) 721-2741
Olsen, Timothy Assistant Director of the School of MusicAssociate Professor of Organ (336) 721-2724
Otero, Rosa Assistant Prof. Interior Design, Director, Interior Design Program (336) 721-2770
Overlock, Janice Adjunct Assist. Prof. of Communication
Overton, Larry Adjunct Asst. Professor of Business Law
Palmer, Erin Adjunct Instructor of Business Admin
Patterson, Andrea Adjunct Asst Professor of Communication
Pattison, Lindsey Adjunct Assistant Professor of Biology
Pauly, Susan E. President (336) 721-2603
Pearce, Eric Assist. Dir., Dining Services (336) 917-5322
Perkins , Susan Violin and Alexander Technique Instructor, Salem College School of Music.
Pfitzner, Helen Adjunct Assist.Professor, Business Law
Pihos, Melissa Adjunct Instructor of Dance
Porter, Traci Associate Professor of Biology (336) 721-2788
Postpischil, Alex Asst. Volleyball Coach
Pozzi, Regina Instructor of Piano
Pritchard, Linda Receptionist, Administrative Assistant (336) 917-5561
Prosterman, Daniel Assist. Professor-History (336) 721-2756
Pryor, Betsy Assist. Ath. Dir./Instructor, PE (336) 721-2815
Punger, Leila Adjunct Instructor of Education
Quander, James Adjunct Asst. Prof. of Criminal Studies
Raines, Ramona Staff Associate (336) 917-5437
Rainey, Anna Gramley Library Circulation Supervisor (336) 917-5419 or (336) 721-2649
Rapp, Eve Associate Professor of Business (336) 917-5007
Reilly, Karyn Adjunct Instructor of Interior Design
Reuter-Pivetta , Debra Adjunct Instructor in Flute
Reynolds, Emily Adjunct Instructor-Interior Design
Richards, Lauren Dining Services (336) 917-5320
Richardson, Sydney Director of Writing Center, Education Instructor (336) 917-5381
Rieco, Eva Adjunct Instructor of Physical Education
Riegle, Melissa Adjunct Instructor of Biology
Rio-Anderson, Rev. Amy Chaplain (336) 917-5087
Roberts, Caroline Assistant Athletic Trainer
Robinson, Alvin Custodial Services Coordinator (336) 721-2707
Rodriguez, Darlene Director of the Arts & Not-for-Profit Management ProgramsAssistant Professor (336) 917-5820
Rorie, Atiba Dance Accompanist
Rork, Jeannette Registrar and Director of Inst. Research
Rothrock, Donna FAC Librarian, Asst. Prof. Music Ed.
Rouse, Kathryn Adjunct Instructor of Mathematics
Routh, Neil Adjunct Assistant Professor of Religion (336) 721-2755
Rucker, Anna Admissions CounselorWestern NC and SC (336) 917-5567
Rushing, Natalia Assoc. Professor of Philosophy (336) 721-2727
Sanders, Anne Adjunct Assistant Professor of Biology
Sayles, Debra Adjunct Instructor of Dance
Schaefer, Claudia Adjunct Instructor NFPM
Scott, Rachel Administrative AssistantCertified Nursing AssistantCertified Phlebotomy Technician (336) 721-2713
Sellitti, Anne Instructor of Cello and Strings, Salem College School of Music and Community Music School. (336) 917-5300
Sepulveda, Sonja Assistant Professor of MusicDirector, Choral Activities and Theory (336) 721-2600
Shepard, Chris FAC Technical Director
Sheppard, Vicki VP, Institutional Advancement (336) 917-5090
Sigmon, Judy Sr. Accountant - Business Ofc. (336) 917-5471
Sikes, Sandy Adjunct Assist. Professor of Education
Silbert, Megan Assistant Professor of Economics
Slawter, Laura Director of Annual Giving (336) 917-5312
Smaldino, Philip Adjunct Instructor of Biology
Smith, Alice Mailroom/Supply Center Attendant (336) 721-2735
Smith, Cathi Supervisor of Student Teachers
Smith, Kathelene Reference Librarian (336) 917-5420
Smith, Teresa Associate Professor of Sociology (336) 917-5005
Sourbeer Morris, Dr. Anne Adjunct Assistant Professor of Education
Speas, Michelle Adjunct Instructor, NFPM
Stanley, Dawn Adjunct Instructor of Sociology
Stevens, Eddie Athletic Trainer, PE Instructor (336) 917-5382
Stewart, Lynne Director-Board Relations (336) 721-2654
Stewart, Mary Ivey Admissions CounselorEastern NC, KY, TN
Stokes, Jennifer Director Alumnae Relations
Story, Angela Community Music School-Violin (336) 917-5300
Taylor, Brianna Adjunct Instructor of Dance
Taylor, Sam Instructor of Guitar (336) 917-5300
Telford, Betty Fleer CenterCoordinator for Student ServicesCourses for CommunityAdmissions/Advising (336) 917-5459
Thomas, Andrew Assistant Professor of History (336) 917-5454
Thomas, Kennette Adjunct Instructor SIGN
Thomas, Susan Adjunct Assistant Professor of History
Tobiassen, Virginia Adjunct Assistant Professor of Religion
Tooze, George Adjunct Assistant Professor of Religion
Trivette, Cindy Adjunct Instructor of Interior Design
Troxler, Susan Adjunct Instructor in Education
Tuttle, Janice Call Center Attendant (336) 721-2639
Valenzuela Mochon, Estefania Adjunct Instructor of Spanish
Van Horn, Cynthia Adjunct Asst. Professor of Biology
VanBuskirk, Erin Admissions CounselorVA, WV, MD, NJ, NY, CT, DC
Varnadoe-Carden, Kim Assoc. Professor of Art (336) 721-2771
Vaughn, Phyllis Admin. Assistant-Education (336) 721-2658
Veale, Natasha Assistant Professor of Education (336) 917-5383
Vestal, Amanda Adjunct Instructor of Education
Villatoro, Xiomara Senior Fellow
Vinson, Richard Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies (336) 721-2619
Virgil, Sheila Adjunct Instructor, Not for Profit Mgmt. (336) 529-4235
Voss, Brian Assistant Director of Grounds (336) 917-5407
Wall, Dana Basketball Coach
Wall, Louise Community Music School Instructor-Piano (336) 721-2616
Warren, Marcia Adjunct Instructor of Education
Washington, DeLisa Director of Residence Life (336) 917-5124
Watson, Edwin PC Support Tech., Adj. Instructor, Educ. (336) 721-2819
Watts, Katherine Dean of AdmissionsDean of Financial Aid (336) 917-5563
Watts, Laura Adjunct Asst. Professor of Genetics
Weston, Larry Adjunct Instructor NFPM
Wheeler, Rosemary Loftus Admin. Assist.-Dean's Ofc. (336) 721-2719
Williams, Jean Administrative Assistant (336) 917-5560
Williams, Suzanne Dean-Fleer Center for Adult Educ. (336) 917-5588
Williams, Wesley Adjunct Instructor of Dance
Williams , Jonathon Adjunct Instructor of Creative Writing
Williamson, Lisa Adjunct Instructor of Education
Williamson, Tommy Coord.-Institutional Services (336) 721-2824
Wilson, Melissa Assist. to VP for Instit. Advancement (336) 917-5554
Windsor, Elroi Assistant Professor of Sociology (336) 721-2703
Wolfe, Barbara Adjunct Instructor of Business Administration
Worsham, Jeffrey Adjunct Instructor of Business Admin.
Yarbrough, Ellen Asst. Dir.- Major & PIanned Giving (336) 917-5558
Ye, Jing Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Yoon, Ho Sang Assist. Professor, Spanish (336) 917-5008
Young, Paula Associate Professor of Mathematics (336) 721-2747
Young , Eileen Instructor of Clarinet and Saxophone, Salem College School of Music (336) 721-2636
Zehr, Janet Ivy May Hixson Chair of Humanities, Assoc. Professor of English (336) 721-2742
Zigler, Amy Adjunct Assistant Professor of Music