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Alyssa Bozak

Head Cross Country Coach

Professional and Community Leadership Experience

  • Former Senior Admissions Counselor, Salem College Admissions Office

Health-Related and Health Leadership Experience and Expertise

I’ve been studying health-related topics since high school, leading me to completing a major in biology while I was a Salem sibling. To continue my fascination with health and medicine, I plan to pursue a PhD in social and behavioral sciences in the near future to focus on research and large systems change in the mental health community.

Salem Through My Eyes

In short, Salem means the world to me. From the lessons I learned as a student to the pivotal experiences I’ve had as an employee, I can’t imagine that any other place could’ve provided me with the environment, space and skills to deeply and fully invest in myself academically, professionally and personally. The connections are bountiful and the support is never-ending. Salem is the place to be. Through my eyes, Salem is timeless.

Fun Facts

  • I’m from Norfolk, Virginia.
  • My partner and I have eight fur babies that are all rescues.
  • If you play a Lady Gaga song or any 90s or 2000s throwback hit while I’m around, I WILL dance and sing along.
  • So far, Seattle, Washington, has been my favorite travel experience. My zodiac sign is Taurus.


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