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Rosa Otero PhD, MS, MArch

Associate Professor of Design

Professional and Community Leadership Experience and Expertise

Volunteer and Board Member at many community groups and organizations including but not limited to the Arts Council, Kaleideum, LEAD Girls of NC, YMCA, USGBC and the Hispanic League

Health-Related and Health Leadership Experience and Expertise

Research in-progress: “Healthy Classroom, Healthy Student” in collaboration with Dr. Johnna Lyons, Salem Academy and industry partner VS America. Our premise: to incorporate furniture and design strategies that support the intrinsic human need to move and connect with nature in order to enhance the student learning experience.

Salem Through My Eyes

I love the community and how every member has the opportunity to be unique and be curious. There is a sense of trust and empowerment that allows us to be courageous in a safe and nurturing environment.

Fun Facts

  • I am from Puerto Rico, and I am a trained architect. I love furniture, especially chairs. This love led me to create the Chair Library at Salem College. In my opinion, the chair library is one of my most important professional achievements and contributions to the field. It is not only at the core of my scholarly work but also my teaching and service at Salem and beyond. Check it out at
  • As an architect, my creative and design work is tridimensional (furniture, spaces, buildings, earrings). I love minions, globes, the sun and the moon- spheres in general!

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