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Denise Lee, MFA

Campus Experience Coordinator and Admissions Office Administrator

Salem Through My Eyes

Salem College is a place full of people on a journey — getting their feet wet, jumping in head first and doing it scared. I have learned so much about students and colleagues just from being a sponge. Salem College is a glimpse into real life, life after college and life as an adult. You’ll meet people from all walks of life, various personalities and through it all, you learn how to be tactful, overcome and succeed while becoming the best version of yourself in this time and space.

Fun Facts

  • “You are the artist of your life; don’t give the paintbrush to anyone else!”
  • I am a multi-creative; I am a visual artist and nationally-published makeup artist, poet and author.
  • The many things I have achieved have been due to being open, paying attention and connecting with people who crossed my path and became a bridge on my next turn on life’s journey.
  • Be kind to everyone, you never know who will be the link to what’s next for you.

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