Rynne Ambrose

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Rynne Ambrose

Salem gave me interpersonal skills that few schools will ever offer. Women seeking careers in STEM fields will inevitably find that the culture has historically been male-dominated, and learning science in a single-sex environment eliminates a perceived inadequacy towards science material by the student. I gained immense leadership skills through the American Chemical Society on campus and participating in the Lehman Scholar program.
Rynne Ambrose ‘12
Rynne Ambrose

Rynne Ambrose

12 - Chemistry

Rynne Ambrose A’08, C’12 will soon earn her doctorate in organic chemistry from the University of Texas at Austin. A 2014 recipient of the National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship, Ambrose’s research on the design of anti-cancer drugs for pancreatic cancer has the potential to change millions of lives. When asked where her passion for the sciences and dedication to advancing cancer research was kindled, the answer is clear: Salem.


  • Studied global positioning systems in the Caribbean Sea as a sophomore.
  • Worked as a chemist for Texas Pete Hot Sauce in junior year.
  • Researched organic synthesis at the Autonomous University of Madrid in senior year.
  • Worked as a chemist for local pharmaceutical company during the school year

Graduate Studies:

  • PhD in chemistry, University of Texas, with a full fellowship
  • Received an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship to continue her research of designing molecules to inhibit cancer tumor growth.

Additional professional involvement:

Works as the research coordinator for Endeavorist, a scientific start-up, and as an active entrepreneur through her recently started consulting company.