Salem’s beautiful residence halls are a cozy, comfortable blend of historic and modern. There are different features to love about each building, and because of Salem’s compact size, you’re never far away from the center of college life, no matter which residence hall you live in.  

The residence halls are South Hall (built in 1805); Alice Clewell Residence Hall (1922); Mary Reynolds Babcock Hall (1955); Hattie Strong Residence Hall (1942); Louisa Wilson Bitting Residence Hall (1930); and Bahnson House (circa 1900).

All Salem residence halls have a few things in common in terms of their facilities. Each residence hall has laundry facilities. Babcock has one washer and dryer per floor. Our machines are card activated and free for Salem students.

Each residence hall has a lobby and a lounge. The lobby is located off the main entrance and is used to entertain guests. The lounge is on the basement level of the building and has cable television and a VCR/DVD. Lounges are typically used as gathering places for meetings and as a place to study. In Babcock, there are Kitchen spaces in each basement. Additionally, each floor also has a microwave for students’ use. Vending and ice machines are located in a central area in each building.

Babcock Hall


Babcock is a mixed residence hall (first years and upper class students) located near the center of campus. This building houses approximately 110 students in double rooms on three floors and in the basement. Babcock has a community bathroom and laundry room located on each floor. Two Resident Assistants (RAs) are available on each floor to assist students with personal concerns and social development.

The basement in this building has been renovated and has modern furnishings. A full kitchen, a pool table, and a TV all contribute to a vibrant common space for the students to use. A front-desk area is located on the first floor. This desk is staffed by student workers and serves as the information center of the hall, allowing students to sign in their guests and purchase late-night snacks.

Approximate Room Dimensions

1st Floor:  11’6” x 15’5” (Window: 43.6” x 62.6”)
2nd Floor:  11’6” x 15’5” (Window: 45” x 62.6”)
3rd Floor: 11’6” x 15’5” (Window: 37.6” x 57’)

Bahnson House


This quaint building houses 16 students in single, double and triple rooms. Typically, Bahnson houses junior and senior students. This building has a combination of community and private bathrooms throughout the house. The recently renovated full kitchen and furnished living spaces provide a cozy atmosphere for this small community.


Bitting Hall


Bitting sits in the center of campus and is home to 48 students. This building houses students on three floors and in the basement. Students live in single and double rooms joined by a bathroom, suite style. Recently renovated, Bitting has wood floors and a charming lobby and basement area in which students may relax and socialize. There is a full kitchen located in the basement along with a laundry room. Bitting has three RAs to assist with social development and address community concerns. 


Clewell Hall


Clewell hall is a traditional first-year residence hall. This building houses approximately 120 students and is located at the front of campus. The rooms in Clewell are traditional double rooms or single rooms. Clewell has community bathrooms and laundry rooms on each of the 3 floors. Clewell’s three renovated lobby spaces include televisions and a ping-pong table, providing a wonderful space for relaxation and recreation.

Two Resident Assistants (RAs) are available on each floor to assist students with personal concerns and social development. Clewell Hall is for first-year students.

Approximate Room Dimensions

1st Floor: 12 x 12’1” (Window: 39.5” x 61.5”)
2nd Floor: 12’ x 13’ (Window: 39.5” x 61.5”)
3rd Floor: 11’ x 13’ (Window: 34” x 53.5”)


South Hall

South Hall is home to 42 students. Recently renovated, this building has wood floors and new furniture in each room. Students are housed in single and double rooms with community bathrooms located on each floor. There is a shared laundry room and full kitchen in this building. Both a formal lobby and cozy lounge area provide students with many options for social interaction. Two RAs are available in this building to assist with social development and address community concerns.

Strong Honors House


The Strong Honors House is home to students wishing to live in an academically enhanced community. This option is available for first-year and upper class residential honors students through an application process. First-year honor students have the opportunity to interact with and be mentored by upper class students.  This building holds 34 students in double rooms on two floors. Each floor shares a community bathroom and a laundry facility is located in the basement. Building residents will develop a community contract at the beginning of each year to determine visitation policies, quiet hours and community standards.

Strong Honors House is available for approved Honors students through the Honors student application process. Ask your admissions counselor for more information.

Approximate Room Dimensions

2nd Floor: 14’ x 17’5” (Window: 33.5” x 58.5”)
3rd Floor: 14’ x 15’ (Window: 30.5” x 45.5”)


McHugh Sisters Flats

Opened in 2015, the McHugh Sisters Flats is Salem’s first residence hall to be constructed since 1965, and the second major expansion project at Salem in the last two years – a new student center opened in May 2014. The four-floor, 32,000 square-foot building will provide apartment-style dormitories.