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Salem College students wishing to park a vehicle on campus are required to register their vehicles with Public Safety. The cost to register a vehicle is $100. Vehicle registrations expire at the end of each academic year. Failure to register your vehicle may result in a $25 fine every 48 hours until the vehicle is registered. Unpaid fines may affect your ability to register for classes or obtain grades/transcripts.

Follow these 4 simple steps to register your vehicle:

Step 1 – Register your vehicle online.

Online registration is required. Please make sure you have your vehicle information (make and model of vehicle, license plate number, etc.) handy before beginning the online registration process. We do not accept paper registrations.

Step 2 – Pay the vehicle registration fee ($100).

You must pay the vehicle registration fee before you are issued a parking sticker/decal.

The quickest and easiest way to pay is online at the end of the registration process. You may pay with a credit/debit card for no additional fees. Your payment will be posted immediately.

If you prefer not to pay online using a credit/debit card, you will need to click “View Permit Registration”, print the page and bring it to the Business Office to make your payment via cash or check. The cashier will attach a receipt to your printed vehicle registration form that you will need in order to actually obtain your parking sticker/decal (see Step 3). NOTE: If you pay offline, be prepared to wait in a line at the Business Office during certain times of the year. We strongly encourage you to pay online. We will not accept credit/debit card payments in the Business Office.

Step 3 – Obtain your parking sticker/decal.

Once you have registered and paid the annual fee, you may pick up your sticker/decal from the Public Safety office during certain predetermined times that will be communicated via email and other channels. 

If you paid online, Public Safety will be able to see your payment in the system so the only thing you will need to bring with you is your Salem ID. 

If you paid offline in the Business Office, in addition to your Salem ID you must also bring your printed parking registration form with the receipt from the Business Office attached.

Step 4 – Place the sticker/decal on your vehicle.

Vehicle registration is not complete until the sticker/decal is displayed on the rear of the vehicle. The sticker/decal should be placed on the driver’s side of the rear bumper or on the driver’s side of the rear windshield. Convertibles may place the sticker on the lower right of the front windshield. 

Register Your Vehicle

Bicycle and Motor Scooter Registration

Salem College encourages registration of bicycles and scooters. There is no charge for registering.