• BS, University of Rochester; MA, PhD, University of Colorado at Boulder
Doctoral Thesis:

Mechanisms of cognitive control: Contributions from working memory and inhibition

Research Interests:

My research is concentrated in two areas: theory of mind, or how we understand that other people think and feel things differently than what we think and feel, and cognitive control, or how we regulate our thoughts and actions. To understand how children develop a theory of mind, I’m interested in how children and their parents talk about what they think and feel, and how children use perspective taking, such as seeing both images in a reversible figure. This can help us understand how we learn to empathize, and to lie. I also research cognitive control, such as holding off on receiving a small reward now for a bigger reward later, and how children start to talk to themselves in their heads to guide their actions.

Personal Interests:
Photography and travel, which combine wonderfully well.