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Financial Aid

Work Study

Salem College students may be eligible to participate in a work-study program on campus. The work-study program is available to boarding students who demonstrate financial need after completing the FAFSA and after other financial aid resources have been assessed.

If a student is eligible for work-study, it will appear on their financial aid award letter. While the award of work-study is an offer of employment, it is not a guarantee of earnings. Students must secure their own employment with one of the hiring departments. Students may earn up to $1600 in an academic year; therefore, students work approximately 7.5 hours each week during the fall and spring semesters. A student may not exceed $1600; however, a student may not earn the entire awarded amount if they do not work all of their hours. All work-study students are paid NC minimum wage which is $7.25/hour.

Please keep in mind that since work-study is not a guarantee of earnings, it will not be reflected on the billing statement from the Business Office. Students are responsible for paying the entire amount shown on the bill. If a student decides to participate in work-study, they will receive a paycheck each month for any hours actually completed.

Student Employee Handbook

Work-Study Departments

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