The Significance of the Arts at Salem College

Where the traditional sense of art has its canvas, the performing arts require a stage, a sophisticated backdrop to the beauty and drama unfolding before a captivated audience. The Elberson Fine Arts Center at Salem College includes both types of art, hosting countless acts, shows, recitals, and exhibitions in Winston-Salem in an effort to share the magic and imaginative wonder of world-class artists and performers with our community. 

Artistic expression and appreciation are valuable traits that we attempt to cultivate in the talented young women who attend Salem College.

Support the Arts in Winston-Salem

The mission to spread artistic and cultural appreciation is one that you perform, too! Whether you talk to your friends about upcoming events or simply make the effort to attend more shows at the Elberson Fine Arts Center, you’re making a difference. You can also show your support in other ways, by giving to Salem so that we can continue to host such distinguished guests.

Get directions to the Elberson Fine Arts Center using our campus map.