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Meet Sydney

Sydney Bowen

Two Salem College staff members in downtown Winston Salem

At Salem College First Impressions Last a Lifetime

As Salem College’s orientation and first-year engagement coordinator, Sydney Bowen understands that first impressions last a lifetime. In her role, Sydney ensures first-year college students experience a smooth transition into college life, a critical initiative to students’ longtime success.

Syndey is a perfect fit for this role being a Salem alumna herself with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and management and minor in coaching. She’s also well known among Salem’s students from her time working as an admissions counselor recruiting students to Salem College. There’s no doubt Sydney’s charismatic and down-to-earth personality is what led her to be successful as a student at Salem and now as a full-time professional.

“I really love the opportunities Salem gave me and I am passionate about telling other students, whether it’s recruiting them or it’s connecting with our new students on campus, about the possibilities they will have as young women to feel empowered and to see how doors will open up for them,” Sydney said.

Since Sydney graduated from Salem almost two years ago and has been working at Salem College full-time, her favorite memory is from her time working in the admissions office as an admissions counselor. She will always remember seeing new students connecting with each other and becoming fast friends on accepted students’ day knowing that these new and shy students will become lifelong friends that will last a lifetime.

When you ask Sydney what makes Salem’s students stand out and be remarkable, she believes Salem’s students are extraordinary because they have confidence to explore the world and achieve almost anything they set their minds to.

For Sydney, however, Salem goes beyond seeing students grow and excel in their confidence. It’s truly about a one-of-a-kind community that is like no other.

“I think what makes Salem remarkable is our community,” Sydney shared. You can ask anyone for help here, call on your colleagues, and rely on our alumnae for help. Salem connections are endless. We are all connected even outside of campus, just say you graduated from Salem, or you work at Salem, and someone will know what you mean.”

When giving guidance to new students attending Salem College for their first year as a student, Sydney’s advice encourages students to have an open mind, be willing to meet people and to get out of their comfort zones.

“Salem is what you make it,” Sydney emphasized. I encourage all of our new students to enjoy movie nights with friends, play ping pong, participate in the traditions, and just have the best time.”

Whether she’s mentoring a new student on how to navigate being a college student or she’s helping a colleague have the absolute best day, Salem College is lucky to have Sydney on campus as alumna, colleague, mentor, and friend.

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