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Meet Breshaun

Breshaun Liles

Salem’s Breshaun Liles Makes His Mark by Inspiring Hearts and Minds

A Winston-Salem native, Breshaun spends most of his days finding ways to help others, whether it’s volunteering at his church, coaching basketball to high schoolers, or mentoring students at Salem College. His heart of gold and boundless generosity inspires the hearts and minds of everyone who crosses his path. Breshaun’s strong faith and humble passion for helping others shines through his life’s mission.

“My life’s mission is to help people everyday, in just some type of way, I want to have a positive impact on the people around me,” Breshaun said.

When you ask Breshaun what he loves most about being a Winston-Salem native, it’s no surprise he instantly gravitates to its family vibe and close community atmosphere. Breshaun’s love for life and the people he works with everyday, help him stay grounded to what he believes is truly important in life – faith, family, and community.

What matters most to Breshaun centers around his faith, his community, along with his family who inspires him to remember why each day should be about selflessly contributing to the lives of others. Whether it’s mentoring a student who needs advice or a colleague needing a friend to listen, Breshaun will always rise to the occasion to help someone in need.

“I love to coach high school students and watch them grow as they learn from their mistakes. I enjoy mentoring our Salem students and helping them understand how to take accountability and responsibility as college students, especially when things get tough,” he said.

In addition to working at Salem College as an operations coordinator for academic affairs, Breshaun coaches students as a basketball coach at RJ Reynolds High School and helps his church navigate organizational challenges as Galilee Missionary Baptist Church’s operations director, interweaving and connecting his undeniable faith, love for coaching, and passion for mentoring students.

At Salem College, Breshaun is leaving his mark by mentoring students in ways that feel authentic. It’s important to Breshaun that students have a listening ear where they can talk about their challenges and seek advice on how to overcome barriers in life. He also loves working closely with Salem’s faculty and how they “give everything they’ve got to each of our students to be successful both on and off campus” as they teach young women about life and leadership.

From Breshaun’s perspective, Salem is a special place because he believes every generation is remarkable at Salem.

“Each student, faculty, and staff is special in their own way and have transformed the lives of women,” he said. “Salem recognized centuries ago that women in America were not being treated right and that Salem needed to do something about it. Salem made women relevant by realizing the value of women and the important roles women will play in shaping our society,” he added.

“Salem is also built on the courageous leadership of our past alumnae who fought to be brave in adversity and be strong through sisterhood and friendship by relying on their Salem community. This notable courage paved the way for more students to forge a successful future and give hope to the next generation of Salem students who will battle their own struggles,” Breshaun said.

Salem College is a special place because of remarkable people like Breshaun Liles who inspire the hearts and minds of many people and students who will someday be the ones making the world a better and more equitable place.

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