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Meet Juyoung

Juyoung Shin

Aerial view of Salem College campus with Winston Salem in the background

Salem College Was the Right Choice for Juyoung Shin

Juyoung Shin C’16 was born and grew up in a small port city called Gunsan in Korea until her family moved to the United States when Juyoung was in middle school. For most of her life in America, Juyoung lived in the Triangle area of North Carolina. After attending a large high school, Juyoung knew that she wanted to go to a smaller college where she could get to know everyone and become a vital part of the community.

“I knew Salem was the right choice for me after visiting the campus during Scholarship Weekend and witnessing the tight-knit community,” Juyoung said. “My favorite class at Salem was an immunology class taught by Dr. Watts that was both challenging and thought-provoking. It was a course where you couldn’t just regurgitate information but had to really comprehend the material and be able to make connections.

“Another class that left a huge impression on me was sociology of the body taught by Dr. Windsor, which I took during Jan Term of my first year,” she said. “It opened my eyes to so much in a short period of time and encouraged me to take more sociology classes throughout my four years at Salem.”

If she had to pick a favorite place on campus, she would choose—like many others—the May Dell. “The May Dell, of course, is my favorite spot, particularly the little bench and garden area behind the Alumnae House! I would take quick breaks there throughout the week to find little moments of peace.”

Juyoung has a favorite memory of her experience at Salem College outside the classroom: “The summer before my senior year, I lived in Fogle Flats with friends, and that’s one of my happiest memories from Salem!”

The one thing Juyoung wants everyone to know about Salem is the immediate bond and understanding students share with people in the Salem community. In addition, Juyoung agrees that Salem College’s Health Leadership focus is important to prepare students for post-graduate study and careers.

“It’s important that Salem is focusing on leadership as part of its curriculum because it takes time and awareness to become an effective leader, whether that’s as a people leader or project leader,” she said. “I believe the Health Leadership focus will give Salem students a head start and additional resources to succeed in their careers.

“During my years at Salem,  I had the opportunities and encouragement of the community to step out of my comfort zone and try new things. I learned to become a leader, voice my opinions and concerns, and get comfortable with being uncomfortable,” Juyoung said. “All of these lessons have been critical in my success in both career and personal life.”

Today, Juyoung is a Clinical Trial Manager for a healthcare organization in Durham, North Carolina. And she credits much of her successful career path to her study at Salem College.

“After starting my career in translational research, I pivoted to the clinical research industry about five years ago,” Juyoung said. “Currently I work as a Clinical Trial Manager and provide oversight for fully outsourced studies managed by a CRO vendor.”

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