Choosing a biology major or minor gives a whole new meaning to preparing yourself for “real life.” Students may also take advantage of the programs offered by the unique Women in Science and Mathematics Program, including lectures, special study, and research opportunities.

Biology is the study of life. This broad definition encompasses many different independent disciplines from the study of cells and molecular biology to the study of communities and evolutionary biology. We provide our students with a solid foundation of all the fundamental fields in biology producing well-rounded scientists grounded in the liberal arts. We believe that doing science is vital to learning and to loving science. Most of our courses have accompanying laboratories with onsite faculty right there with the students using up-to-date equipment in state-of-the-art laboratories. Our students are well prepared to take this knowledge gained in the classroom to their internships where they gain real world experience. When our students graduate we expect them to have excellent quantitative skills, writing and communication skills, and skills in scientific methodology, critical thinking, and analysis which prepares them well for continuing on with their education in graduate or professional schools or for entering the workforce.