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Tuition and Fees

Salem is dedicated to admitting qualified students and working with individual families to meet financial needs. Through need-based grants, low-interest loans, work-study programs, merit-based scholarships, and payment plans, Salem makes every effort to meet financial concerns and tailor a financial aid package to suit each individual.

The tuition, room, and board costs for a Salem student living on campus during the 2015-16 school year is $37,694. The breakdown of these costs is as follows:

Tuition: $25,870
Room and Board:

Tuition for a Fleer Center student will be $1,494 per full-credit class. Tuition for a Fleer student who takes courses off campus is $1,694 per full-credit course for undergraduate students.

Graduate Students will be charged tuition of $1,206 per three-credit hour class. Tuition for the online graduate program is $1,406 per three-credit hour class.

In addition, students must purchase books and supplies (estimated between $900 and $1,000 for two semesters). Students will also incur personal and miscellaneous expenses.

Tuition Management System (TMS)

Access Tuition Payment Plan information online at .

Additional Financial Aid Information

Inclement Weather

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