Wellness DaisySpiritual Wellness is the ability to establish peace and harmony in our lives. 

When Salem began in 1772, the vision for this wonderful institution was based upon faith. The Moravian Sisters were women of faith who felt compelled to act based upon God’s work in their lives.

As an institution related to the Moravian Church, Salem places emphasis on religious values and on the maintenance of an atmosphere in which ethical questions and answers may develop on both institutional and personal levels. Salem believes that the examination of religious values should be encouraged in your college years and that instructional guidance should reflect ethical maturity in the faculty.

In keeping with the traditions of a church-related college, Salem offers you the opportunity to participate in the academic study of religion as an integral part of the curriculum, and to supplement the efforts to attain wellness in your spiritual life as well as in other dimensions.

The churches and temples of Winston-Salem and the denominational ministers assigned to the colleges in the community encourage you to participate in local church life and denominational programs. Also available is a student led Interfaith Council, with representation of the major world religions. Interfaith events are conducted throughout the year.

About the Office of Religious Life

Religious Life

The Chaplain’s Office

The Office of Religious Life works with other departments on campus to integrate spiritual wellness into the curriculum at Salem College.

Our office is located in at the Church Street entrance of Clewell Hall. The chaplain, Rev. Amy Rio-Anderson, can be reached for an appointment at 917-5087 or you may email her at amy.rio-anderson@salem.edu.

Places for Spiritual Renewal on Campus

There are two spots on campus that are set aside for students, faculty, and staff to participate in spiritual reflection and thought.

The Little Chapel is located between the Writing Center and Hanes Alumnae House. Monthly worship services are held in Little Chapel and are open to the entire campus community. Little Chapel is also open each day for quiet time, prayer and meditation. Please feel free to take a few minutes and come rest and rejuvenate in this sacred space.

A memorial garden is also installed behind the Alumnae House. This spot, which features a beautiful sculpture created by a Salem alumna, and a handmade bench is dedicated to the memory of alumnae who have passed away. Beautiful plantings contribute to the peace of a spot in which to meditate and think.