Planning to make Salem your new “home away from home” is an exciting transition. Your first step is to complete a Housing Assignment Questionnaire. In June, you will receive your roommate and residence hall assignment! 

Clewell Hall is the primary first-year housing option in the heart of campus! Clewell is located near the Student Center and has recently updated hallways, lounges and bedroom furniture. First-year housing will also be available in Babcock Hall and the Strong Honors House. Transfer and upperclass students also live in Babcock and Strong. Students accepted into the Honors program may apply to live in the Strong Honors House. Application information will be sent directly to Honors students. Transfer students will be assigned primarily to Babcock Hall and Gramley Hall, which also houses upperclass students.

Your Community at Salem

One of the great things about Salem College is that there is always someone for you to turn to with a question or just to talk.

Residential Coordinators (RCs) are full-time, professional staff members who are responsible for the general management and supervision of your residence hall. Your Residential Coordinator is there to assist you with academic, personal, and social concerns.

Resident Assistants (RAs) are trained student staff who live with you on your hall and assist you during the year. Your RA is there to make your adjustment to college easier and to serve as a source for general information about residence hall living and campus events. Your RA will work with you and your hall mates to plan programs and events throughout the year.

Your Residence Hall will have a lobby and a lounge. The lobby is off the main entrance and is used to entertain guests. The lounge, on the basement level of the building, has cable television and a DVD player. Lounges are typically used as gathering places for meetings and as a place to study. All residence halls have common kitchen spaces, and each floor has a microwave for students’ use. Vending and ice machines are located in a central area in each building. Each residence hall has laundry facilities with machines that are free for students.

Questions? Contact:

Assistant Dean of Students
(336) 917-5451