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Undergraduate Grievance Policy

Spring foliage on campus of Salem College

Salem College is committed to receiving and addressing student complaints and grievances in a clear and timely manner with respect to all parties involved.

The offices to which specific complaints/grievances should be directed are included in the Salem College Student Handbook and the College Undergraduate Catalog and can also be found at this Student Concern Form.

Not every student complaint/grievance results in a formal, written complaint/grievance. When students encounter a problem or concern, they are encouraged to resolve concerns themselves, first by talking directly with the College personnel involved. If resolution is not reached, students should direct their problem or concern to the appropriate office, listed below.

If there is a concern regarding resolving an issue directly with the parties involved, students are encouraged to seek assistance from staff in the Office of the Dean of Students at

If you need guidance navigating this process, the staff in the Office of the Dean of Students can assist. The Office of the Dean of Students can be reached by e-mail at

Please field concerns regarding the issues listed below to the appropriate offices, also listed below:

Student Conduct
Title IX/Sexual Harassment
COVID-19 or Campus Health Related
Appeal of Honor Council
Financial Aid
Parking/Traffic Citations AppealsParking Traffic Citation Appeals Form

To submit concerns not addressed in the list above, students should log into their student account and submit the Student Concern Form, which will be reviewed by the Office of the Dean of Students. Following the submission of this form, the concern reported will be routed to the appropriate staff member for review.

Depending upon the nature of the concern, the staff member processing the request may ask that all parties involved meet to mediate the situation and find a reasonable solution.  If the resolution is not satisfactory to the student, they may refer the matter in writing to the Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs and Dean of the College for further consideration.

If you were unable to resolve a complaint through the institution’s grievance procedures, you may submit a complaint to:

North Carolina Department of Justice
Consumer Protection Division
9001 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-9001
Phone number: 1-877-566-7226

A online complaint form is available on the North Carolina Department of Justice’s website.

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