The study of Spanish at Salem explores all aspects of the culture, such as language, art, literature, history, film, and autobiography.

A goal of any person seeking a liberal education is an understanding of the workings – phonemic, semantic, syntactic, stylistic – of language. Study of a modern language, for sake of contrast and comparison with one’s mother tongue, is highly desirable in producing such an understanding. In addition, study of a modern language is needed more than ever today for transcending cultural barriers. Study of modern languages and cultures promotes rapprochement among nations and peoples.

Spanish is one of the four languages offered by the department of modern languages. Foreign study forms a valuable part of education, and the department strongly encourages students to spend their junior year abroad. The department maintains a file of the many summer, semester, and year-long programs abroad in which our students can participate so that each one can choose the type of program and location which best suits her interests.