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Salem's School of Music Faculty

A music school is only as good as its faculty; the most important aspect to your education is the teachers who guide your development. At Salem, you will study with the best performers and composers with the highest level of recognition not only in this part of the United States, but throughout the country and even worldwide.

Salem's music professors are not only superb as teachers; they also are active professionally, some as performers, others as composers or in other ways. But of most importance to you will be the fact that they know how to teach and take teaching seriously.

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Barbara Lister-Sink

Barbara Lister-Sink

Director of the School of Music (on administrative leave)
Salem College Distinguished Faculty of Piano


Cristy Lynn Brown

Instructor of Voice

Sally Duran

Instructor of Harp

Michael Kamtman

Director of Pierrettes; Adjunct Instructor of Music

Anna Lampidis

Instructor of Oboe

Timothy Olsen

Acting Director of the School of Music and Associate Professor of Organ

Regina Pozzi

Instructor of Piano

Debra Reuter-Pivetta

Instructor of Flute

Donna Rothrock

Associate Music Librarian and Assistant Professor of Music Education

Anne Sellitti

Instructor of Cello

Sonja Sepulveda

Assistant Professor of Music; Director, Choral Activities and Theory

Sam Taylor

Instructor of Guitar

Eileen Young

Instructor of Saxophone/Clarinet

Amy Zigler

Visiting Assistant Professor of Music


Jessica Beitel


Daphne Nichols