Faculty & Staff Directory

Name Title Phone Email
Adams, Clark Adjunct Instructor of Communication 336-633-0238
Adams, Fred Supervisor, School Counseling Program Interns 336-721-2658
Adams, Kathryn Visiting Assistant Professor of Education 336-917-5848
Adams, Sandra Supervisor, Student Counseling Program Interns 336-721-2658
Adams, Wendy Staff Assistant- Dean of Students 336-721-2655
Adrian, Dr. Marlin Chair and Assistant Professor, Religion and Philosophy 336-917-5426
Aft, Eric Adjunct Instructor, Not-for-Profit Mgt. 336-721-2782
Alford, Jennifer Adjunct Professor of Biology 336-917-5580
Anderson, Goldia Admin. Assist.-Administration 336-721-2606
Arai, Hidemi Adjunct Instructor - Math
Ashley, Martha FAC Coordinator 336-721-2600
Austin, Peter Tech. Serv. Librarian 336-917-5422
Bailey, Amy Adjunct Asst. Prof. Salem Signature 336-721-2782
Bailey Thomas, Mary Adjunct Instructor of Photography 336-721-2600
Baker, Nora Adjunct Instructor of Education
Barnes, Kathy Associate Dean of Admissions 336-917-5565
Barr, Krispin Dean of Students 336-721-2627
Barrett, Melissa Athletic Director 336-917-5402
Bates, Susan Community Music School-Organ 336-945-4908
Batista, Christopher Chief of Public Safety 336-721-2628
Beasley, Amy Adjunct Instructor of Dance 336-721-2600
Beeson, Melissa Assistant Professor of Education 336-917-5783
Beitel, Jessica Accompanist
Benninger, Paul Director-Information Technology 336-917-5460
Berg, John Director, Arts Management and Not-for-Profit Management Programs 336-721-2600
Black, Joanne Assistant Professor of Sociology and Criminal Studies 336-721-2705
Blackwell, Katharine Assistant Professor of Psychology 336-721-2711
Blanchard, Diana Instructor of Arts Management 336-721-2600
Bodford, Diane Admin. Assist., Physical Plant 336-721-2711
Boles, J.W. Captain of Public Safety 336-917-5341
Bowman, Aaron Adjunct Instructor of Sociology 336-721-2758
Bowman-Hicks, Shawn Adj. Professor, Dance 336-721-2789
Boyd, Monica Director of Student Professional Development 336-917-5579
Boyst, John Instructor of Spanish/part-time 336-721-2782
Brawley, Susan Associate Registrar 336-917-5455
Brock, Nikki Accts. Receivable Mgr. 336-917-5473
Brockman, Wendy Adjunct Assistant Professor of Dance 336-721-2789
Brooks, DeAnne Assistant Professor of Exercise Science 336-917-5741
Brown, Cristy Instructor of Voice 336-721-2792
Bruce, Katherine Assistant Professor of Sociology
Bryan, Derek Vice President for Finance and Technology 336-917-5472
Bryant, Megan Adjunct Instructor, Salem Signature 336-721-2782
Buchanan, Jeffrey Adjunct Professor of Mathematics 336-917-5580
Burns, William Adjunct Instructor BUAD 336-721-2782
Butchart, Anne-Fleur Instructor of French / Adjunct 336-721-2782
Callahan, Jay Sports Infor. Director/Soccer Coach 336-721-2648
Callaway, Hannah Communications and Social Media Manager 336-721-2600
Calovini, Susan Dean of College/VP Academic & Student Affairs 336-721-2617
Campbell, Stephanie CNA 336-721-2600
Campbell, Whitney Admissions Counselor 336-917-5569
Carlson, Jeffrey Professor of Voice at the Community Music School 336-404-2420
Casey, Monica Adjunct Instructor of Physical Ed
Casstevens, Darlene Adjunct Instructor of Business Administration 336-721-2782
Chapman, Jennifer Director of Transfer Recruitment & Special Events 336-917-5570
Chesnut, Christy Assistant Director of Financial Aid 336-917-5576
Clark, Richard CX Database Administrator 336-917-5464
Clubb, Jason Part-time Controller 336-917-5743
Cochran, Andrew Adjunct Asst. Prof. of Criminal Studies 336-721-2782
Collins, Julie Administrative Assistant 336-917-5178
Collins, Terry Gramley Library 336-917-5423
Coolidge, Rebecca Financial Aid Counselor 336-721-2600
Corney, Elizabeth Chaplain Intern 336-917-5087
Coscia, Paul Director of Financial Aid 336-917-5577
Cummings, Michael Assoc. Prof. of Accounting 336-721-2602
Dallas, Shari Executive Assistant to the Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs and Dean of the College 336-721-2719
Davis, Ida Turner Director of Academic Support Services 336-721-2822
Delise, Lisa Assistant Professor of Business 336-917-5123
Dennis, Kimya Assistant Professor of Sociology and Criminal Studies 336-721-2886
Dentler, Kellie Director of Giving Services and Stewardship 336-721-2607
Diggs, Pia Chaplain Intern 336-917-5087
Dixon, Tina Adjunct Instructor of Business Admin
Donovan, Anne Admissions and Enrollment Coordinator/Academic Advisor 336-917-5456
Doyle, Nora Assistant Professor of History 336-917-5494
Duckett, Kathy Biology Laboratory Coordinator 336-721-2787
Dudley, Linda Professor of Psychology 336-721-2693
Duerr, Lisa Assistant Instructor of Piano 336-721-2600
Dulan, Jo Director of Honors Program 336-721-2721
Dunn, Rebecca Professor of Biology 336-721-2723
Duran, Sally Instructor of Harp 336-721-2636
Duvall, Spring-Serenity Assistant Professor of Communication 336-917-5009
Dykers, Carol Assoc. Prof. of Communication 336-721-2740
Echols, Heidi Associate Professor of Dance 336-721-2789
Engimann, Melissa Adjunct Instructor, Arts Management 336-721-2782
Eustice, Judy Director of Development Operations 336-721-2820
Fansler, Andrew Adjunct instructor in Art
Fearnbach, Heather Adjunct Instructor-Historic Preservation 336-917-5821
Fields, Elizabeth Student Teacher Supervisor
Fisher, Eric Public Safety Officer
Fleck, Kevin Head Tennis Coach 336-721-2896
Flowers, Tina Assistant Professor of Accounting 336-917-5784
Foley, David Associate Professor of Political Science 336-721-2760
Forrest, Casey Adjunct Assist. Prof, Business Admin. 336-721-2782
Fowler, Tamara Sharee Adjunct Assist. Professor of Sociology 336-721-2782
Francisco, Alyson Kimbrough Professor of Business and Economics 336-721-2897
Gallagher, Angela Adjunct Instructor of Physical Education
Gallagher, Ginger Adjunct Instructor of Business Administration and Adjunct Instructor of Physical Education 336-721-2782
Gallimore, Anna Vice President for Administration 336-721-2852
Gallimore, Dan Supervisor of Student Teaching
Gartland, Shannon Counseling Intern 336-917-5364
Gerstmyer, John Assistant Professor of Education 336-721-2660
Goddard, George Adjunct Instructor of Finance
Goldberg, Irma Professor of Piano for the Community School of Music 336-725-5588
Goliszek, Erin Adjunct Professor of Education
Gordon, Neina Adjunct Instructor of Creative Writing 336-721-2782
Gore, Natasha Adjunct Instructor NFPM 336-721-2600
Gorelick, Christine Adjunct Instructor, NFPM 336-721-2782
Gray, DeOnna Adjunct Instructor of Spanish 336-721-2782
Green, Elizabeth Student Teacher Supervisor
Griffin, Penny Associate Professor of Art 336-721-2753
Griggs, Marissa Adjunct Instructor of Psychology 336-917-5580
Grimes, Niah Counseling Intern 336-917-5364
Guzman, Maxine QUEST Center Director, Math Instructor 336-917-5771
Haile, Molly Adjunct Instructor of Creative Writing 336-721-2600
Hall, James Adjunct Instructor of History 336-721-2600
Hamilton, Cheryl Payroll and Benefits Administrator 336-917-5329
Hampton, Debbie Student Teacher Supervisor 336-721-2600
Hardin, Sharon Adjunct Instructor of Art 336-721-2850
Harding, Susan Adjunct Instructor of Physical Education
Hardy, Chrissy Adjunct Instructor of Education 336-721-2658
Hargreaves, Michelle Equestrian Instructor
Harper, Tiffany Book Store Manager 336-917-5390
Harrell, Debbie Assistant Professor of Math 336-721-2762
Harrison, Heather Residential Coordinator: Gramley & South 336-917-5124
Hayes, Gerry Main Hall Faculty Secretary 336-721-2687
Haynes, Ginger Bodford Adjunct Instructor-Educ. 336-917-5780
Hickman, Beth Adjunct Instructor of Sociology 336-721-2600
Higgins, Angela Fleer Center Administrative Assistant 336-721-2600
Highfill, Shelley Admissions Counselor 336-917-5559
Hines-Gaither, Krishauna Instructor, Spanish 336-917-5268
Hinton, Sabrina Adjunct Isntructor of Education 336-917-5383
Hixson, Karen Associate Professor of Exercise Science 336-721-2896
Horrell, Stacie Circulation Supervisor Gramley Library 336-721-2600
Hortal, Laura Interim Int'l Student Services Coordinator 336-721-2782
Hubbard, Heather Business Office Assistant/Accounts Receivable 336-917-5445
Hutton, John Associate Professor of Art 336-721-2793
Jackson, Tobe Assist. Director-Physical Plant 336-721-2707
Jacobsen, Mary Associate Professor of Psychology 336-721-2657
Jenkins, Dionne Adjunct Assistant Professor of Business
Johe, Richard E. Assistant Professor of Business 336-721-2751
Jones, Edward Director of Communications and Public Relations 336-917-5721
Jones, Mark Webmatron 336-917-5089
Jordan, Judy Community School of Music Instructor of Flute/Recorders 336-768-6861
Kamtman, Michael Director of The Pierrettes; Adjunct Instructor of Drama 336-721-2636
Kelley, Kris Systems Administrator 336-721-2810
King, Aaron Adjunct Assist. Prof. of Physical Ed. 336-917-5452
Kirby, Carol Education Professional-in-Residence 336-721-2704
Kirkman, Trinette Adjunct Instructor of Spanish 336-721-2782
Knight, Molly Adjunct Assistant Professor of German 336-721-2600
Kossler, Lauren Community School of Music Instructor of Violin 336-722-9064
Krafnick, Julie Catering Director 336-917-5320
Kuebler, Suzanne Adjunct Instructor of Biology
Kuppinger, Dane Assistant Professor of Biology 336-917-5085
Lain, Norbert Adjunct Instructor of Latin 336-721-2600
Laird, Nikki Assistant Dean of Students 336-917-5451
Lambert, Claire Assistant Professor of Education 336-721-2600
Lambros, Ann Adjunct Associate Professor of Business 336-721-2782
Lampidis, Anna Instructor of Oboe 336-721-2636
Lawhead, Susan Residential Coordinator: Clewell 336-917-5018
LeBaron, Maria Adjunct Instructor of Psychology 336-633-0226
Leonard, Nichole Bacon Adj. Instructor of Educ. 336-721-2758
Leonard, Susan Adjunct Professor of Psychology
León-Távora, Ana Chair of Modern Languages 336-721-2758
Lewis, Ronnie PC Support/Network 336-917-5100
Line, Judy Director of Special Events 336-721-2671
Linebarrier, Douglas Assistant Professor of Chemistry 336-721-2761
Linville, Deborah Visiting Assoc. Professor of Education 336-721-2600
Lipsett, Diane Assistant Professor of Religion 336-917-5122
Lister-Sink, Barbara Director of the School of Music (on administrative leave) 336-721-2637
Listokin, Ann Instructor of Piano for Community Music School 336-724-7957
Ljungquist, Gary Professor of Modern Languages 336-721-2759
LoCicero, Jack Director of Counseling Services 336-721-2625
Long, Emily Director of Student Activities 336-917-5000
Long, Scott Head Softball Coach 336-917-5782
Long, Sheryl Director of Teacher Education and Graduate Studies in Education 336-721-2774
Love, Cheraton Adjunct Asst. Professor of Biology 336-917-5452
Luttringhaus, Karola Adjunct Instructor of Dance 336-721-2789
Lynch, Jenni Vice President of Institutional Advancement 336-721-2600
Lyons, Johnna Assistant Professor of Education 336-917-5785
MacKenzie, Jesse Assistant Instructor of Piano 336-721-2600
Macon, Cedric Assistant Director of Custodial Services 336-721-2707
Mallon, Rosanna Asst. Dir., Alumnae Relations 336-917-5599
Malloy, Dennis Instructor of Viola/Violin for the Community Music School 336-354-9197
Mann, Carmine Accompanist for the Community Music School 336-659-2995
Mann, Rebecca Adjunct Instructor of NFPM
Manthey, Katie Director of the Writing Center, Asst Professor 336-721-2600
Maqueda-Jimenez, Raquel Adjunct Instructor of Spanish 336-721-2600
Marshall, Cecilia Adjunct Assist. Professor of Education 662-801-0150
Martin, Krystyna Admissions Counselor 336-917-5557
Marvin, Cynthia Adjunct Instructor Arts Management 336-721-2782
Marxen, Edward Adjunct Instructor of Design 336-721-2600
Mattox, Wade Assistant Professor of Mathematics 336-721-2763
McAdams, Kathy Office Systems Manager 336-917-5564
McInteer, Nicole Adjunct Assistant Professor of German 336-721-2600
McKnight, George Assoc. Professor, Chemistry 336-721-2786
McKnight, Kay Library Archivist 336-917-5424
Melvin, Metta-Sama Director of Creative Writing 336-917-5006
Mendez, Yanadira Admissions Counselor 336-917-5567
Milholland, Anna Public Services Librarian 336-917-5436
Miller, Craig Adjunct Professor of Chemistry 336-917-5452
Mohney, Britni Coach Basketball/Track/Cross Country
Monks, Sheryl Writer-in-Residence 336-721-2782
Montaquila, Ron Assistant Professor of Education 336-817-7780
Montaquila, Susan Adjunct Instrutor of Business 336-721-2600
Moore, Suzi Faculty Secretary-Science Bldg. 336-721-2809
Moore-Davis, Melinda Adjunct Professor of Education 336-917-5383
Morales, George Director of Physical Plant 336-917-5405
Morgan, Jennifer Director of Major and Planned Gifts 336-721-2816
Morris, Anne Adjunct Assistant Professor of Dance 336-721-2789
Morrow, Gillian Adjunct Assistant Professor of Design
Nichols, Daphne Music Accompanist
Novicki, Elizabeth Director of Libraries 336-917-5417
Oczkowicz, Edyta Assoc. Professor of English 336-721-2741
Olsen, Timothy Acting Director of the School of Music 336-721-2724
Otero, Rosa Assistant Prof. Design, Director, Design Program 336-721-2770
Overlock, Janice Adjunct Assist. Prof. of Communication 336-721-2782
Pardo, Fernando Adjunct Instructor of Modern Languages
Parrish, Todd Adjunct Assistant Professor of Business 336-721-2600
Patterson, Andrea Adjunct Asst Professor of Communication 336-721-2782
Pearce, Eric Assist. Dir., Dining Services 336-917-5322
Pence-Sokoloff, Pat Instructor of Harp for the Community Music School 336-723-1900
Pihos, Melissa Adjunct Instructor of Dance 336-721-2789
Poindexter, Glenna Instructor of Piano for the Community Music School 336-940-5254
Porter, Traci Associate Professor of Biology 336-721-2788
Pozzi, Regina Instructor of Piano 336-416-0439
Pritchard, Deborah Adjunct Instructor of Chemistry 336-721-2600
Prosterman, Daniel Associate Professor-History 336-721-2756
Pryor, Betsy Assist. Ath. Dir./Instructor, PE 336-721-2815
Quander, James Adjunct Asst. Prof. of Criminal Studies 336-721-2782
Raines, Ramona Staff Associate 336-917-5437
Rainey, Anna Coordinator of Cultural Events and Courses for Community 336-721-2851
Rankin, Sheresa Residential Coordinator, Clewell 336-917-5018
Rapp, Eve Associate Professor of Business 336-917-5007
Rau, Lindsey Adjunct Assistant Professor of Biology 336-917-5452
Regan, Megan Assistant Professor of Economics 336-721-2743
Rehder, Margaret Adjunct Instructor of Violin/Viola for the Community Music School 336-721-2636
Reilly, Karyn Adjunct Instructor of Interior Design
Reuter-Pivetta , Debra Adjunct Instructor in Flute 336-721-2636
Reynolds, Emily Adjunct Instructor-Interior Design
Rhodes, Milton Adjunct Instructor of Not-for-Profit Management 336-721-2600
Richardson, Sydney Dean of the Fleer Center for Adult Education 336-917-5381
Rieco, Eva Adjunct Instructor of Physical Education
Rio, Rev. Amy Chaplain 336-917-5087
Robinson, Alvin Custodial Services Coordinator 336-721-2707
Roche, Christopher Art and Design Tutor 336-721-2600
Rockett, Stephanie Chemistry Lab Coordinator and Instructor 336-721-2600
Rogers, Jessica Assistant Dean of Admissions 336-917-5574
Rork, Jeannette Registrar and Director of Inst. Research 336-917-5240
Rothrock, Donna FAC Librarian, Asst. Prof. Music Ed. 336-917-5475
Rushing, Natalia Assoc. Professor of Philosophy 336-721-2727
Sauser, Anna Counseling Intern 336-917-5364
Schaefer, Claudia Adjunct Instructor NFPM 336-409-9071
Schwecke, Kristin CMS Instructor
Sedo, Jessica Project Manager 336-917-5761
Sellitti, Anne Instructor of Cello and Strings, Salem College School of Music and Community Music School. 336-917-5300
Sepulveda, Sonja Assistant Professor of Music 336-721-2600
Shepard, Chris FAC Technical Director 336-721-2674
Shrestha, Shubha Biology Lab Instructor 336-721-2600
Sigmon, Judy Sr. Accountant - Business Ofc. 336-917-5471
Skakle, Madison Adjunct Instructor of Business 336-721-2600
Smith, Alice Mailroom/Supply Center Attendant 336-721-2735
Smith, Kathelene Reference Librarian 336-917-5420
Smith, Laina Director Health Services 336-917-5591
Smith, Teresa Professor of Sociology 336-917-5005
Snelsire, Richard Adjunct Instructor of Business 336-721-2782
Sourbeer Morris, Dr. Anne Adjunct Assistant Professor of Education 336-448-8885
Speas, Michelle Adjunct Instructor, NFPM 336-721-2782
Stanley, Dawn Adjunct Instructor of Sociology 336-721-2782
Sterritt, D. E. Lorraine President 336-721-2603
Stevens, Eddie Athletic Trainer, PE Instructor 336-917-5382
Stewart, Lynne Director-Board Relations 336-721-2654
Stewart, Mary Ivey Admissions Counselor 336-917-5566
Stokes, Jennifer Director Alumnae Relations 336-917-5595
Talton, Jennifer Adjunct Instructor of Biology 336-721-2788
Taylor, Sam Instructor of Guitar 336-917-5300
Telford, Betty Assistant Dean, Martha H. Fleer Center for Adult Education 336-917-5459
Telligman, Jessica Assistant Director of Administration/Title IX Coord 336-721-2600
Thomas, Andrew Associate Professor of History 336-917-5454
Thomas, Kennette Adjunct Instructor SIGN
Thomas, Susan Adjunct Assistant Professor of History 336-721-2782
Tobiassen, Rev. Virginia Adjunct Assistant Professor of Religion 336-721-2782
Tooze, George Adjunct Assistant Professor of Religion 336-721-2782
Trivette, Cindy Adjunct Instructor of Interior Design
Troup, Kevin Volleyball Coach College 336-721-2600
Trumble, Michele Adjunct Instructor of Dance 336-721-2600
Tuttle, Janice Call Center Attendant 336-721-2639
Tyrrell, Daniel Adjunct Instructor of Biology 336-721-2600
Usher, Jess Adjunct Instructor of History 336-721-2600
Varnadoe-Carden, Kim Professor of Art 336-721-2771
Vaughn, Phyllis Admin. Assistant-Education 336-721-2658
Vinson, Richard Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies 336-721-2619
Vogler, Holly Campus Visit Coordinator 336-721-2600
Voss, Brian Assistant Director of Grounds 336-917-5407
Wall, Louise Community Music School Instructor-Piano 336-721-2616
Ward, Michelle Residential Coordinator: Bahnson, Leinbach, Fogle Flatts, Strong 336-917-5786
Warren, Marcia Adjunct Instructor of Education
Watson, Edwin PC Support Tech., Adj. Instructor, Educ. 336-721-2819
Watts, Katherine Vice President for Enrollment, Financial Aid and Communications 336-917-5563
Watts, Laura Assistant Professor of Biology 336-721-2764
Wemlinger, Elizabeth Assistant Professor of Political Science 336-721-2600
Weston, Larry Adjunct Instructor NFPM 336-721-2782
Wheeler, Rosemary Loftus Executive Assistant to the President 336-721-2605
Williams, Jean Administrative Assistant 336-917-5560
Williams , Jonathon Adjunct Instructor of Creative Writing 336-721-2782
Williamson, Lisa Adjunct Instructor of Education
Williamson, Tommy Coord.-Institutional Services 336-721-2824
Wilson, Melissa Assistant to the Vice President for Institutional Advancement 336-917-5554
Windsor, Elroi Assistant Professor of Sociology 336-721-2703
Wolfe, Barbara Adjunct Instructor of Business Administration 336-721-2782
Worsham, Jeffrey Adjunct Instructor of Business Admin. 336-971-7264
Ye, Jing Assistant Professor of Chemistry 336-721-2722
Yevin, George Adjunct Assistant Professor of Business
Yoon, Ho Sang Associate Professor, Spanish 336-917-5008
Young, Eileen Instructor of Clarinet and Saxophone 336-721-2636
Young, Paula Professor of Mathematics 336-721-2747
Younger, Allan Adjunct Instructor of Business 336-721-2600
Zehr, Janet Associate Professor of English 336-721-2742
Zigler, Amy Visiting Assistant Professor of Music 336-721-2798

Delayed Opening

Salem College will open at 11:00 a.m. on Monday, January 25. Classes will not meet until 11:00 a.m. and offices will open at 11:00 a.m.

Road conditions vary by area, so please use your own judgment regarding your safety when traveling.

Mon Jan 25 11:00:00 EST 2016