Take Part in Salem College Student Activities

With such a wide range of clubs, programs, and organizations available to students of Salem College, we hope you’ll find activities that not only catch your interest, but spark your desire for greater involvement and self-development. We encourage you to make the most of your time here by participating in a few clubs or programs that allow you to expand your cultural horizons and celebrate both your similarities and differences with your fellow classmates.

In addition to numerous clubs and social organizations, some of our most highly anticipated events and traditions include the following student activities:

  • Dance Weekends, such as Fall Lawn, Semi-formal, Winter Formal, and Spring Cocktail
  • Poetry Readings
  • Movies Under the Stars
  • Battle of the Bands
  • Fall Fest
  • Christmas Candlelight Service
  • Big Sis/Little Sis 
  • Sophomore-Senior Banquet
  • Founders Day Celebration
  • Commencement Weekend
  • Other social events with students from nearby schools

Our Challenge to You Regarding Student Activities 

The Office of Student Activities challenges and supports students in making a positive contribution to their community through shared experiences. As active members in the school community, Salem students will:

  • Engage in the Salem community and become aware of their unique role in campus life as a result of attending campus activities.
  • Cultivate an understanding of and appreciation for their own culture and that of others as a result of engaging in activities that celebrate human differences.
  • Develop lifelong skills in management, delegation, program planning, and program assessment as a result of serving in organizational leadership positions.
  • Learn to apply concepts of multiculturalism and inclusion to campus programming, thereby supporting the larger Salem community as a result of serving in organizational leadership positions.

Acquire Leadership Experience as a Socially Active Community Member

Opportunities for growth and development are there if you look for them. An important step to preparing for your future career — whatever it may be — is the cultivation of leadership qualities. Volunteer to plan and implement a new social, cultural, or educational program on the campus or in the greater community and learn valuable skills that will come in handy later in life. We’ll provide all the support you need.

If you have questions about how you can become more socially engaged or if you’d like to share an idea for a new community program, don’t hesitate to contact the Office of Student Activities at 336-917-5000.

Salem College supports the development of its students through engaging social activities in Winston-Salem, NC, and beyond.