Wellness DaisyCommunity wellness is the ability to relate to and connect with other people in our world. Our ability to establish and maintain positive relationships with family, friends, and co-workers contributes to our community wellness.

Community at Salem

One of Salem College’s core values is Learning Grounded in Community:

  • Recognizing individual potential
  • Embracing diversity
  • Exemplifying honor

Below are some of the ways in which Community Wellness is encouraged at Salem College:

Salem’s Committee on Community Wellness

The strategic plan adopted for 2008-2013 called for Salem College to provide a “comprehensive educational experience in a richly diverse community.” As part of that commitment, the Committee on Community was formed in 2009 to help collect feedback from faculty, staff, students and others on the campus environment; develop goals to enhance diversity and inclusivity; and recommend action steps for each consecutive academic year. The committee membership includes undergraduate students, both traditional and Fleer, as well as members of the faculty and administrative staff. The committee is chaired by the Vice President for academic and student affairs and dean of the College

SGA Monthly Townhall Meetings

The governing body for traditional undergraduates at Salem college, the Student Government Association (SGA) holds monthly townhall meetings on the second Tuesday of the month while the College is in session. These meetings promote community wellness by providing a forum for student representatives from each class to present items for the betterment of the community to the SGA executive board for discussion and consideration.

General Faculty Meetings

Held the first Tuesday of the month during the academic year, these meetings of the Salem College faculty play an important role in community wellness on campus by providing a venue for faculty collaboration, action, and shared governance.

Cultural Events Series

A wide variety of distinguished artists, authors, musicians, performers, and speakers are welcomed to Salem college each year for diverse programming that is open to the public and enriches both the campus and the surrounding community. See Salem College Cultural Events for more information.

Courses for Community

Salem College offers residents of the community opportunities for personal development and intellectual enrichment through a series of non-credit courses scheduled in fall, spring, and summer. See Salem College Courses for Community for more information.