In response to questions from students, the IT department has put together some frequently asked questions about the new technology fee. Hopefully, this will address most of the concerns students may have about this topic.

Q: What is the technology fee?

A: The technology fee is a nominal charge in addition to tuition costs that will be used for technology enhancement at Salem College. It is charged to all students who attend the college.

Q: What is the fee used for?

A: The funds gathered from this fee are strictly dedicated to technology improvements which will enhance the learning experiences of our students. For example, PC upgrades in classrooms and the addition of smart/multimedia technology in classrooms.

Q: What has been done with the fee so far?

A: To date, we have upgraded most of our classrooms to multimedia/smart technology and have added WiFi coverage in classroom areas.

Q: Do you have any future plans for updates?

A: Future plans include additional smart classroom capability in other campus classroom buildings. We are in the process of gathering feedback from faculty to help us plan upcoming projects.