Computer and Internet Access

During an academic term, students have 24 hour access to campus computer labs with all the software they’ll need for completing assignments. However, students are free to bring personal computers and devices for use in the dorms and common areas.

Internet access is provided for scholarly pursuits, but may be used off-hours for entertainment. Each dorm room has at least 2 network connections providing access to the Internet. Wireless access is also available from each dorm room, although during peak usage hours speeds may show lag - it’s recommended that students come prepared to use the wired connections in these cases. Fogle Flats and McHughs Sisters apartments use wireless connections for network access.

Students are responsible for bringing their computers in good working order, a surge protector, and an up-to-date anti-virus program. Anti-virus and mal-ware protection are required to be installed in order to access networking resources. You will also need one Category 5 or higher network cable 6’-20’ in length. Cables are sold on the day freshmen arrive on campus and all year in Science 104. Salem is responsible only for providing a working data connection. We do not install network cards or provide repair service for student owned computers.

Faculty, Staff and Student Educational Discounts

Students with personal computers may purchase software from: ScholarBuys

Salem purchases software from this vendor regularly and they have very competitive prices.

Microsoft offers discounts to faculty and students for Microsoft Office 365 and other software. See this link for details: Office for Students Teachers & Schools

Hardware Recommendations

Salem does not currently have a specific recommendation or requirement for computers. We suggest that, if the student is purchasing a new computer, they choose one they are comfortable using. In otherwords, if the student is most familiar with PC based computers, they should purchase a Windows computer, if they are used to Apple computers, then they should purchase an Apple computer.

Listed below are the minimum requirements we suggest students look for when purchasing a new computer.

Recommended minimum PC system:

Recommended minimum Macintosh system:

For hardware purchases, get special student discounts on a new Macintosh from
Apple Computer. CDW-G offers student discounts through their On Campus portal and Dell provides discounts for students, faculty, and staff.