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Aminah Bradford ThD, MDiv

Academy and College Chaplain, Director of Center for Contemplative Practice and Wellbeing

Professional and Community Leadership Experience

  • Research scholar in Rob Dunn’s Public Science Lab at NCSU and a member of the Bergruenn Institute in LA, where I get to think about what humans will be like in three to five hundred years.
  • I’ve been working in higher ed for 22 years, and Salem is among my most favorite places to call home.

Health-Related and Health Leadership Expertise

I think about the integration between healthy human spirituality and the wellness of our planet. I do this in an ecology lab, as a theologian, as a chaplain at Salem college and as the director of our Center for Contemplative Practice and Wellbeing. When I think about well-being, I think about it as a set of interlaced relationships to all sorts of creatures in the world.

Salem Through My Eyes

What I love about Salem is the warmth I feel from everyone — students, staff, faculty — on campus. I love the physical beauty of the campus, from the flowers and trees and gardens to the gorgeous old historical buildings. I love that people feel free to bring the fullness of who they are and that we celebrate difference.

Fun Facts

  • I live in Durham with two cats, two daughters, my husband and depending on the year, an assortment of chickens, fox, deer, hawks, beavers and rabbits. They all make me very happy, although sometimes they eat each other.
  • I love students and am grateful for the chance to sit and think, grieve, laugh and question through the mysterious and messy parts of life. I’m here for you!

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