All events and visitors are subject to state laws, rules and regulations of Salem College and policies of the Student Center. The Student Center maintains the right to cancel, without advance notice, any event not in compliance with these regulations. It is the responsibility of the person requesting the facilities and services to ensure that the event and patrons are in compliance with all applicable regulations. Questions concerning applicable policies may be directed to the Student Center Activities Suite. The Student Center staff reserves the right to make judgments concerning facility usage that are in the best interest of the Student Center and Salem College.

Alcoholic Beverages

Alcohol is available for purchase in the Student Center café with proper identification. Alcohol service will start at 4:00 pm and end 30 minutes prior to closing, with last call being 40 minutes before closing. Anyone wishing to purchase or consume alcohol must present a valid government id (no student ids) which includes their picture and date of birth. No more than two alcoholic beverages may be served to any customer per visit. Declining Balance cannot be used to purchase alcohol. Only cash or credit/debit cards will be accepted. Service will be denied to anyone who is visibly intoxicated. ARAMARK reserves the right to refuse service at any time. No beverages will be allowed beyond the inside door of the café or the patio of the café and must remain in the original container provided by dining staff at all times. Permission to serve beer and / or unfortified wine on a per-event basis requires approval from the Director of Student Activities. Outside alcohol is not permitted on student center facility grounds.


Animals, other than service animals, are not permitted in the Student Center.

Damage and Loss

All individuals using the Student Center facilities are expected to take reasonable steps to ensure proper care of the buildings and equipment. Accidental damage, repair and replacement costs are the responsibility of the sponsoring organization. Intentional misuse, vandalism, defacing and/or destruction of Student Center facilities and/or equipment is prohibited. Property of the Student Center (i.e. furniture, paintings, sculptures, displays, flags, etc.) may not be moved or removed from the facility without the approval of the Director for Student Activities.


The use of collection boxes in the Student Center requires the advance approval from the Director of Student Activities. Student organizations and university departments must request permission to setup donation sites in the Student Center at least one week prior to collection. All unapproved collection will be immediately removed.


Use or possession of any illegal drugs is strictly prohibited.

Electrical Appliances

The use of electrical appliances in the Student Center is prohibited.

Evacuation Procedures

Facility users will be notified of an emergency or threat to safety by an alarm, the Student Center staff or Public Safety. If necessary, the facility will be evacuated in a calm and orderly fashion. In case of evacuation, all persons are to remain outside the building until they are instructed to return by Public Safety.

Event Promotion

Student organizations and college departments may request to promote their events electronically in the student center by contacting the Director of Student Activities. Event promotions must be sent to at least one week prior to event date to ensure display on the Main Floor media wall.

Fire Alarms/Drills

Fire alarms and all other emergency related equipment are provided for the protection of the public and users of the Student Center. Tampering or misuse of this equipment is strictly prohibited and punishable by North Carolina law. All persons are required to evacuate the building when the alarm sounds. Please use the stairs, not the elevator, in evacuation situations.


Gambling, in any form, is not permitted in the Student Center.

Hallways and Stairwells

In compliance with fire and safety codes, hallways and stairwells must be free and clear of unauthorized items. An unauthorized item is defined as anything that is not a permanent Student Center item such as a trash receptacle. Easels, display boards or other items are not to be placed in hallways and stairwells without approval from the Student Activities Director.

Medical Emergency

In the event of an accident or injury, contact Public Safety at (336) 917-5555 for assistance. Please inform the Student Activities staff and/or Information Desk of any emergencies as they occur. 

Personal Sound Devices

No portable sound devices (i.e. radios, cassette decks, compact disc players, MP3 players, iPods, instruments, etc.) may be operated without personal earphones in the public areas of the Student Center without prior approval from the Student Activities Director.

Roller Blades, Skateboards and Bicycles

Roller blades, skateboards, bicycles, and similar devices are not to be operated in the Student Center. Bicycles and similar devices must be left outside and secured to bike racks.


For your safety, security, and convenience; the Student Center Building Managers and Public Safety will conduct periodic rounds throughout the facilities. All staff must be able to enter all spaces at any given time. Therefore, doors to an event space must remain unlocked and free of obstruction at all times. The Student Center Activities Suite and/or Building Manager should be notified in the event of an emergency and/or made aware of emergency situations that arise. All persons using the Student Center facilities are to act responsibly. Individuals who display disruptive, dangerous or inappropriate behavior will be asked to leave. All groups using the Student Center should become familiar with fire codes and safety policies when planning an event.


Smoking and all forms of tobacco use including smokeless tobacco are prohibited in all Salem College facilities.

Table Tents and Flyers

Table tents, flyers and other literature may not be placed on tables in the Student Center without prior approval from the Director of Student Activities. The Director of Dining Services must approve the placement of literature on tables in the Café.