What do Salem students do for fun?

There are all kinds of fun activities to do in Winston-Salem. There are monthly gallery hops downtown and dozens of restaurants for you to enjoy! Hanes Mall is a short 10-minute drive from campus. Salem is also located near three other schools; Wake Forest, University of North Carolina School of the Arts, and Winston Salem State University. Salem students can go to their football and basketball games and concerts. Many times Salem will give free tickets to students to attend these events.

What are the rules on guys?

Male guests are allowed on campus, however, they must have an escort at all times! Male guests are allowed to stay the night but only on the weekends and your roommate must be comfortable with your guest staying over night.

Do you enjoy being on such a small campus?

Being a part of a small campus is great! Students develop close friendships with each other as well faculty and staff. We are a siblinghood in which we all support one another. For students this sense of community has been helpful when adjusting to college life.

How do you make new clubs?

It’s easy to create new clubs on campus! First, you will need to develop an idea for your new club and get students interested in joining. Salem will then help you with presenting your new club idea to the right people so that it can get started on campus!

What is the Big/Little program at Salem?

Our Big/Little program is very active at Salem. “Bigs” are current Junior students who are matched with freshmen. Your Big will serve as your mentor during your time at Salem and beyond. Within the first few weeks your arrival on campus, mixers with the junior class will be held where you mingle and get to know your Big class. These include game nights, movie nights, etc. Once you find a student you connect with you may be asked to hang out outside of the mixers to get to know each other better. These decisions are totally up to you, and ultimately your Big/Little is your choice as well. The goal of this program is to develop a friendship and siblinghood with someone with whom you share many common interests and who can help you adjust to college life.

Does drama ever become an issue on a small campus?

Sometimes there are differences in opinions among students but this does not lead to drama. We are an open environment that encourages our students to think in different ways and to discuss these differences with peers. 

Is Salem diverse?

Salem promotes diversity in all ways. You can see our diversity on campus by just walking around. Our atmosphere is open and welcoming of all students.