Congratulations to Salem College graduates who have accomplished the following:

Arjana Pradhan c'08 - University of California San Diego's Biological Sciences Ph.D. program

Brittini Hollingsworth c'08 - Carolinas College of Health Sciences' Medical Technology Program

Laura Hollar C'10 - accepted to Eastern Virginia Medical School

Lauren Redman C'10 - accepted to Wake Forest University's Mathematics Education Masters Program (Robert Noyce Fellowship)

Prajula Mulmi c'09 - Emory University's Masters Program of Public Health
Rachana Gyawali -Texas A&M's Ph.D. Graduate Program in the Department of Biology

Rubina Tuladhar c'08 - University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center's Graduate School of Biomedical Science

Samantha Bronson C'10 - Accepted to Elon University's Physical Therapy Ph.D. program

Sarah Boyenger C'10 - Accepted to Florida State University's Scientific Computing Ph.D. program with a full assistantship

Tiara Murphy C'10- Accepted to the University of South Alabama's College of Medicine

Victoria Burgos C'10 - Accepted to the School of Medicine at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

Lingyao Yang c'09 - Working at Wake Forest University's Biostatistics Department in Winston-Salem as a biostatistician

Reeja Maskey - Summer 2010 internship at Mayo Graduate School's Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Toni Bost - Summer 2010 research internship at James Madison University Center for Materials Science
Rynne Ambrose - Summer 2010 internship in the Analytical Research and Development Department at Targacept

Students have also been recently accepted to p rograms at Baylor University, Brown University, Dartmouth University, Duke University, East Carolina University Medical School, Elon University, Tufts University and Western Carolina University.