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About Student Affairs

Through a collaborative, developmental, and holistic approach, the primary purpose of Student Life is to enhance student intellectual, personal, spiritual, and social transformation congruent with the Salem College mission.

Students will:

  • be able to articulate their value as individuals and celebrate human differences as a result of programs sponsored by Student Affairs (residence life, health and counseling services, wellness, leadership, orientation, career development, student activities).
  • be able to discover their unique potential through experiences outside of the classroom as a result of the programs sponsored by Student Affairs.
  • report that they have been challenged and supported to develop awareness and skills that will enable them to make a positive contribution to the world around them as a result of participation in programs sponsored by Student Affairs.

Get Involved!

Remember…Research shows that students who get involved in campus activities are more satisfied with their college experience and can even perform better academically with a healthy level of campus involvement.

Our vibrant, multicultural, and international community at Salem College offers you limitless opportunities for involvement in a richly diverse environment. Salem College sponsors more than thirty-five clubs and organizations, NCAA Division III athletics, cultural events, lectures, service projects, leadership programs, and many new programs and activities every year.

Student Activities

Check out Some of our Newest Initiatives

Salem Impact Leadership Program

Look for opportunities to participate in our new Salem Impact Leadership program, made possible by a generous grant from BB&T. Programs for traditional students include workshops on conflict resolution and building inclusive communities, as well as an emerging leaders class and an annual trip to Washington, D.C.

Salem Impact Leadership Program

Positional Leadership Opportunities

Apply your leadership awareness and skills to one of the many positional leadership opportunities at Salem that include serving as an orientation leader (OL), a residence assistant (RA), a student government or class officer, or a member of the Salem Leadership Connection (SLC) mentoring group for students from underrepresented backgrounds. Salem offers more than 100 leadership positions each year that can enhance your marketability for internships, careers, and graduate and professional pursuits!

Women’s Wellness

Participate in the many health and fitness programs that are part of our new women’s wellness initiative. Bikes are available through loan from the Dean of Students Office. Weekly group fitness classes are advertised each semester, such as yoga, Pilates, and relaxation. Consultations with a personal trainer are available in the fitness center. Guest speakers on such topics as organic gardening, Chi Running, and stress reduction through sleep and rest are offered regularly. All classes are free, and all Salem students are welcome to participate!

The Wellness Program

Women in Nature (WIN)

Our new Women in Nature (WIN) program spans both our leadership and wellness initiatives as it provides students with empowerment through experiences in the great outdoors! Professors and staff members lead women-only outings that include hiking, camping, and kayaking adventures.