“Salem inspired me to believe in myself and the world I can touch.” Ama Frimpong, Class of 2011 

“Coke tastes different in China. I should think about where my clothes come from. Minorities in this country need to be encouraged to study foreign languages.

“I came to Salem a first-generation student raised in a conservative West-African home. From “Global Business Environment” class first year, to a Jan Term tour of China, to the non-profit organization my advisor founded, I realized there is more out there than I thought.

“I arrived at Salem wanting to be in law and interested in international business. It has been four years now. I have learned human rights law is critical and that it begins at home in the local systems. I have learned that seemingly little decisions can impact a whole corporation and community. I have learned that my choices do have an impact in this world.

“The people I met and the experiences I had made me analyze issues from different perspectives and erased stereotypes from my mind. I can understand people and issues better. I am more willing to explore and interact. Now, I am graduating and headed to Law School at Wake Forest University with a full scholarship to study international law. I am preparing to work with corporate foundations reaching back into the international communities where they operate. I can leave with confidence because I know how to learn and I know how to change.

“The support at Salem for reaching my goals is unbelievable. During the grad school application process I worked personally with the Salem pre-law advisor. She was always available and read each version of my personal statement and other essays. At the same time, my Salem Signature Capstone class brought in speakers and resources that helped seniors conduct research on graduate schools, as well as prepare mentally and financially for life after college.”