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Salem Students succeed at phenomenal rates! Why? Let them tell you! 

My research experience at Salem made me a strong candidate for medical school. Salem incorporates research into all its science classes, which teaches us how to address problems and seek solutions. As I meet more people in the field, I see how unusual my experience was, especially compared to other programs.”–Nicole Keyser ‘18, Wake Forest University Medical School student 

“I attribute almost all my success to Salem. The support there is layers deep.“–Britani Peterson ‘18, Pennsylvania State University School of Law student

Outstanding Graduate School Acceptance! 

  • 100% Acceptance in Law School
  • 90% Acceptance in Medical/Dental School & health-related graduate programs

“Salem prepares you for a world of possibilities. At every turn, Salem pushed me to explore and capitalize on my education. Today, I live in Rwanda and work for a social entrepreneurship organization that helps farmers in East Africa grow their way out of poverty.”–Sarah Hylden ‘07, Global Supply Chain Director, One Acre Fund

The professors are one of the best things about Salem! They are incredinly knowledgeable and supportive, while also holding us to high standards. My first years in the profession were smooth and successful becauase of what I learned from the Salem faculty.”–Laura Williams ‘14, M.Ed. ‘19, 4th Grade Teacher, Walnut Cove Elementary. 

'16 - Biology
What I really appreciate about the professors is how passionate they are about their fields and how...
'16 - Education
As a first-year student, I didn’t have a clear understanding of what I wanted to do. I wanted to...
Jacqueline Hogg
The wonderful thing about Salem that is different from so many other colleges and universities in...
'16 - Biochemistry
Small class sizes mean you will develop intimate professional relationships with your professors...
Natasha Morales Castellanos
'16 - Chemistry
My plans for the future have changed tremendously since I began my studies at Salem. As a first-...
Information for Adult Students
In addition to serving as the director of house operations at the local SECU house and being a...
I’ve had countless opportunities and experiences at Salem that have prepared me to take charge of...